Alec Baldwin Defends His Wife Hilaria Amid Controversy

So, this is kind of a weird one. There is a harrowingly long ten seconds of silence and Alec Baldwin’s grizzling stare into the camera before he says anything. Normally that’s the kind of performance we can expect from him onscreen, but there’s something deeply unsettling in that look while he’s simply posting on Instagram at home. 

Moreover, as briefly mentioned in our coverage of his wife’s recent identity crisis as to where she was actually born and raised, this is all a little misleading so far, given that her name is scarcely mentioned at all. 

Baldwin v. Social Media 

“What’s up with the people who created Facebook? I don’t know. They sound like they’re … They sound like people who never knew who they were to begin with, which is why they invent crap like this. And they’ve only gotten worse. Owning Facebook, founding Facebook, reaping the billions of dollars that have resulted from creating and growing Facebook hasn’t achieved anything in terms of their personal growth. They’re a certain kind of person, and now they’re the same kind of person that they were back when, just with a whole lot more money. But it hasn’t really improved them, changed them, helped them to grow. Sounds like the people who founded Facebook and run Facebook are pretty … Whatever.”

Ok, so not so much about his wife rather than the state of social media. That’s fine. But it’s a couple minutes in at this point, so maybe it’s just ramping up a defense of his wife. 

“You kind of have to hack your way through the debris on Twitter,” he says. “Twitter is just a vast orchard of crap. And I have certainly flung some crap in that orchard myself every now and then.” Alright, not quite yet. 

Any Moment Now?

You know, all the people that would write to me: Pizzagate! Epstein! And I thought, I never met Epstein in my life. They said to me: Well, your phone number was in his phone book. Well, my phone number was in his phone book, like … That’s what we call the Dummy Line. If it was the number that I think it is. It’s an office line, I have an answering service, which we’ve given to people for 30 years. Which is the number we give you when we don’t wanna return your phone call at all, or not too promptly,” He continues.

Alright! Way out of left field there. In fact, the only statement that could be tangentially related to his wife is his closing line:

“When you love somebody, you wanna defend them.” And then, “Consider the source.” 

Not the impassioned defense of his wife you’d think he might deliver. Passionate, yes. The other bits? A little scattered. 

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