Alex Dry and Emilee Miller Launch DripDry Swim

“We like our drip how we like ourselves: fearless, confident, and cute.”

If you are looking to be a beautiful, bold baddie this summer, DripDry swimwear has got you covered! The brand was founded by models Alex Dry and Emilee Miller. Alex felt as though there was a gap in the swimwear market, and DripDry is here to fill it. 

dripdry swim
Credit: DripDry

About the DRIPDRY Brand

Based out of Los Angeles, DripDry was created with the focus of providing the best quality fashion for both guys and gals. It gives people to the chance to be “balling on a budget.” Co-founders Alex Dry and Emilee Miller worked to design a line that could be versatile, practical, and flattering all at the same time!

“All of our bikinis, bodysuits, and lounge wear are all about the fit,” they explain on their website. “Our styles are all about highlighting your curves in the right places, while making your boobs and booty on point.”

One unique detail that you’ll notice about their swimwear is that they feature cute interchangeable chains! But the wow factor doesn’t just stop there! DripDry claims that, “with every purchase we prioritize overall health, including mental health… and we give back a portion from every sale.”

Credit: DripDry

About the Founders

“We like our drip how we like ourselves: fearless, confident, and cute.”

As models, the founders created DripDry as a cheeky swimwear brand. The swimwear brand is also meant to be versatile. The brand allows someone to wear all three pieces separately, and not just as swimwear. 

The swimwear was designed to be flattering on everyone, and trendy at the same time, with custom made chains. The company’s mission statement encompasses the goal of providing quality as well as fashion. Their guiding principles are to fit and be trendy. Sounds good to us!  DripDry caters to an audience of both guys and girls, ages 14-29. 

When asked about how DripDry stands out from other companies, Alex says, “The biggest thing that sets Dry Dry apart is it is just not your basic swimsuit designs, I have created a new design and style that incorporates both jewelry and swim…All our chains are custom coated which provides heat protection, long lasting and durability, while creating a trendy and versatile look that you can wear on many different occasions.”

Credit: DripDry

DripDry Deck

DripDry hosted an amazing launch party for their new line in Los Angeles. The event was attended by many big names including Paul Butcher, Joey Sasso, Teala Dunn, Andre, and many more!

Guests were able to get a firsthand look at all of the stylish swimsuits that the brand has to offer. The launch showcased the versatility and vibrant colors of the swimwear. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your own DripDry swimsuit!

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