Alex Rodriguez Gushes Over Jennifer Lopez’s Inauguration Performance

Alex Rodriguez is one proud fiancé! The former baseball player and beau of Jennifer Lopez, gushed over her performance at the Presidential Inauguration.

Joe Biden becoming the 46th President and Kamala Harris becoming the first woman of color Vice President of the United States made history. Apparently, so did J.Lo! Arod took to his Instagram page to reflect on the memorable moment

Instagram Caption

“I can’t stop thinking about Wednesday and Jen’s performance at #inauguration2021. It was such an Iconic moment—one I’ll never forget. I can’t express how proud I am of her and how privileged I felt just to be in attendance. It truly was awe-inspiring and so patriotic,” wrote Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, 45, shared a photo of himself and Lopez on a private jet looking into each other’s eyes as she showed him her lyric sheet.

He continued, “On the flight home, she showed me her performance lyrics sheets, and the significance of her performance really began to sink in. Can you believe that she has the first person to sing in Spanish at an inaugural event? Another Historic and ground breaking achievement for one of the most talented and driven people the world ever seen. #Proud #Macha”

The Performance

The songstress took to the inauguration podium to perform an arranged medley of patriotic classics. She began her performance with a beautiful rendition of “This land is your land,” making a smooth melodic transition into “America the beautiful.” 

Lopez did not forget to include her Puerto Rican roots. The singer proudly said during her performance “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” but in Spanish.
Fans around the world took to social media to express their sense of pride and hope they felt by seeing her assist the country on including different cultures. 

The Romance

The star Athlete and Lopez first made their relationship publicly official in early 2017. Two years later, in March 2019, they announced their engagement via Instagram. The couple posted an 11 second video clip, showing Rodriguez proposing to a blushing Lopez while on a beach. 

Sources say the ring is an approximate 15 carats, emerald-cut shaped ring. The estimated worth is anywhere between $1 million and $5 million. The nuptials were set to take place before the pandemic hit.

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