All Things Identity | Feel Good Fridays w/ Liv Teixeira

Welcome back to another episode of Feel Good Fridays w/ Liv Teixeira. Today Liv is talking about all things identity. 

Identity plays a huge role in what you do. It has ties to your self worth and what you believe is possible for you. 

Liv says that when you are able to work on yourself and heal from some of the things that play a part in your identity, you are able to grow and flourish. 

Recognize the Role Identity Plays In Your Life

According to Liv, you must be mindful of how your identity is playing a role in your life. 

In order to live the life that you want, you should foster your identity. This can be done through activities like journaling, coaching, or healing. 

The way that you view yourself plays a big part of how you function in your life. If you see yourself as lazy or someone who can’t be successful, you will start to live out those truths in your day to day life. Be mindful of the identity that you want to have. 

If you see yourself as someone who is structured, consistent, and organized, then you will live the life of someone who identifies with those characteristics. 


Know What Your Current Identity Is & What You Want it to Be

Liv says that when we are able to take control of our lives, we are able to have more control over them. “When you are self aware of your identity, you are able to flourish.” 

Knowing your current identity is can help you to realize if you are the person who you want to be. Ask yourself, will your current actions help you to fulfill the life that you want? 

Map Out Your Future

Finally, use what you know about yourself to map out your future. 

Figure out how the puzzle pieces fit together to create your ideal life. Find out who you need to be to create that future. Still be yourself, just an elevated version better aligned with your goals!

What questions do you ask to learn more about yourself? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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