Amazon’s Best Clean Beauty Products

By: Alyssa Pieprzyca

Here at Entertainment Scoop we love giving you tips on clean beauty. We’re going to help you out a little more by recommending eco-friendly alternatives for your personal care, all via Amazon. These products are all about being good to your body and producing the least amount of waste for our planet.

Bambaw Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

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If you haven’t stopped using one use makeup wipes, this is your wake up call to do so. Not only are makeup wipes wasteful, sometimes the fragrances and product make them unusable for those with sensitive skin. Bambaw’s reusable makeup remover pads are an easy alternative to one time use makeup wipes or cotton makeup pads. One pack includes 16 pads: 4 beige colored pads for heavy glam days and 12 silver colored pads for everyday makeup wear. They also come with a small cotton laundry bag, so you can place your used pads in to toss in with your clothes. These pads are made with bamboo fibers and cotton wool, which both  help the environment and your wallet! 
Ethique Deodorant 

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Say “no” to baking soda and aluminum, and “yes” to Ethique! This natural deodorant might look like a bar of soap, but nope! Ethique has eliminated the plastic from your typical stick of deodorant to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. This product is made with bamboo that absorbs 200% of its own weight in sweat and oil, while also increasing both antiperspirant effect and smell! With added magnesium hydroxide, this deodorant will help prevent the growth of bacteria (what creates the stink) by changing the pH of your skin. This one is not only good for the planet, but for your body as well. 

Treebird Pure Silk Eco Floss

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Have you ever thought about your regular floss? Odds are, it’s made of plastic, and we all know plastic takes an extremely long time to break down. Switch over to a more mindful alternative! Treebird’s Pure Silk Eco Floss is made out of 100% silk, and its packaging is completely compostable! Their floss is waxed with vegan candelilla wax so its sustainable and safe. Also, its use of fresh mint makes flossing safe for people with sensitive gums. The floss comes in a refillable glass container, so you’ll just need to buy the refills, instead of tossing and buying new containers each time. Treebird’s is the guilt-free choice, when it comes to an eco-friendly product. With their innovative floss and sustainable toothbrushes, you just can’t go wrong.

Almooni Natural Egyptian Loofah

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Swap out your plastic loofah with the bpa-free, biodegradable, and sustainable alternative. Almooni’s eco-friendly Egyptian loofah is plastic free and an amazing choice as a body exfoliant. You can stick to your wash cloth for a softer wash, and yon Almooni’s loofah to exfoliate and rejuvenate dull skin. This will scrub away dead skin cells to help hydrate and enhance absorption of your skin care products. This loofah is hypoallergenic with absolutely no dyes or petroleum-based plastic, so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.
Daisy Cup

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Did you know a woman will use up to 15,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime? The majority will end up in a landfill AND expose her to toxic chemicals. Well, not with the Daisy Cup! This natural menstruation cup is good for your body and the planet. Made of 100% non-toxic, BPA-free silicone, this cup can last up to 10 years—saving you tons of money, while dually saving our landfills. The Daisy Cup goes one step further by being a proud supporter of Good360, a global leader in philanthropy and purposeful giving that supports individuals, families, and communities impacted by disasters. For every purchased Daisy Cup, Good360 receives a free cup for a woman in need. 

These are just five easily accessible, affordable, and immensely impactful alternatives for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Let us know what switches you’re making in the comments!

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