An Exclusive Look At The Hemsworth Bros. House Listing


The Hemsworth brothers, Luke, Chris and Liam, bought a home back in 2016 in Malibu, California and are now putting it back up on the market. They bought the home at $3,450,000 and are now trying to sell it at $4,900,000. It is a beautiful home that is equipped with a chef’s kitchen, home theater and a wine cellar! So who wants to go halfsies on a house! 

Let’s look at some photos! 

So simple and elegant! All the trees and greenery that surround the home make it feel as though it is enchanted. Imagine walking up to this everyday! 

Look at that chef’s kitchen! Not only can you cook for yourself and any of your guests, you can also entertain! I occasionally love company while I cook and this is plenty spacious! And would you take a look at those appliances! 

So you’re cooking yourself dinner and you turn around and that’s your view. This home looks like it is perfect for entertaining guests! 

This theater room looks perfect because it is so spacious and the next owner can really make it their own. Add some comfy seating and blackout curtains and I think you’re all set! I don’t recommend having white couches though especially if you love snacking while watching your favorite shows/films. 

This is just one of the many rooms this home has but the theme we’re getting is simple and minimalistic! 

This is just one of the many bathrooms this home has but just look at it. It holds a nice tub, a pair of sinks and a walk in shower. Everyone needs a good bathroom! 

To finish this all off look at the size of this gorgeous backyard. There’s space for outdoor eating and so much greenery! There’s enough space for everyone to explore!

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