Another Bachelor Scandal For Victoria F.

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By Grace Bain

Cosmopolitan has decided to cancel its intended cover with Bachelor star, Peter Weber, and contestant, Victoria Fuller, after news has surfaced about Victoria’s past modeling experiences. 

In week four of the Bachelor, Weber brought his many girlfriends on a group date to compete in  a Costa Rican photoshoot. Wearing skimpy bathing suits (skimpy to the point that ABC had to blur their bums), the various girls cozy up with Peter before a waterfall to compete for the cover  of Cosmopolitan. There is lots of making out, lots of ‘boos’ chanted by the other woman, and lots of photos snapped. 

Ultimately, Victoria F. is victorious in her red bikini, and Cosmo chooses her as their cover girl. 

However, Fuller had participated in an ad campaign, modeling in “White Lives Matter” attire. Although Reality Steve had broken this news weeks ago, Cosmo was certainly not aware until more recently. 

The “White Lives Matter” clothing she showed off for Instagram was actually for a Marlin Lives Matter campaign, to raise awareness for overfishing of white and blue marlins. Nevertheless, the campaign portrays the Confederate flag in its advertising, bringing Fuller’s values into extreme questioning.

“In my view, the nature of the organization is neither here nor there; both phrases and the belief systems they represent are rooted in racism and therefore problematic,” stated Cosmo Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Pels. 

This drama comes out just one week after Fuller had stirred up another storm from her past in last week’s episode, when her and Peter attended a concert showcasing Fuller’s ex-boyfriend, country star Chase Rice, during a one-on-one date.

Supposedly, Rice was pissed that he had been tricked by producers to throw on the concert.

Good luck to the Bachelor producers, Weber (who defended his contestant with the phrase ‘she’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, and no one’s perfect’…), and Fuller herself with getting away with this one! 

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