Applying Your Potential | Feel Good Friday’s w/ Liv Teixiera

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera.

In this episode our host, Liv, is discussing your potential. Liv says that your potential is one of your most important resources. 

You Have So Much Potential

This week, Liv urges everyone to begin to not only see their own potential, but also to start believing in it. She says, “You are 100 percent capable of creating anything that you want in your life.” 

Liv explains that you have so much inside of you, but people often waste their own potential. In this lifetime, one of the biggest things that we should avoid is living a life of regret. 

Tap Into Your Potential

The things that you want to do, but never did based off of fear or other reasonings will keep us up at night. This life is something that we should live to the absolute fullest. Liv then says that you do yourself a disservice if you are not doing the things that make you happy. 

In order to tap into your all of your power, you must first understand that there is so much more inside of you that you have to give. Thisstarts with believing that you can achieve your fullest potential. Give yourself the opportunity to achieve. 

We Don’t Have Time

When listening to a podcast, Liv was struck by a quote from a man who worked with Kobe Bryant throughout his professional career. 

“We don’t have time,” was the quote that Liv said has stuck with her. We often look toward the future to get what we want or to pursue our dreams. 

What steps will you take to apply your potential this week? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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