Ariana Grande Releases 34+35 Remix Video

The wait is over and the “34+35 Remix” music video is finally here! Ariana Grande finally released the music video for her iconic collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat, “34+35”.

Nearly a month after Grande released the remix, she is now sharing the highly anticipated 34+35″ music video. The video provides a glamorous aesthetic for their luxurious sleepover with a touch a sexiness. 

Grande achieved her fifth No. 1 album for her surprise album “Positions”She dropped the album by surpise on October 30 and will be releasing the deluxe version of the album on February 19. 

Remix Aesthetic

Grande joined forces with Doja and Megan to remix her hit song, “34+35” and brought on the girl power. Grande posted multiple teasers of the music video on her Instagram and Twitter, featuring a photo of the three of them sitting in front of a vintage television, watching the video. 

Megan and Doja also posted teasers of the video on their Instagram’s, a photo of Megan in her outfit and a selfie of the three of them together on set. 

In the video, the girls have a glamorous slumber party sipping on champagne, ordering room service, watching tv and lounging in lingerie. 

Grande starts off the remix with strong vocals followed by Doja in the second verse. Half-way through the song, Megan comes in rapping, “Rock you like a baby but you know I’m bout to keep you up/ Welcome to my channel and today I’m bout to teach you somethin’/  can make you pop, legs up like a can-can/ Wake the neighbors up, make it sound like the band playing.” 

Original Video

In November 2020, Grande released the original music video for “34+35” which featured Grande leading a team of scientists to become “Austin Powers inspired sex robots,” according to ET. The remix video introduces new ideas, such as hand-held cinematography and wide-angle lens’, giving the video an early-90s vibe. 

Following her smash collab with Cardi B., “WAP”, Megan recently released her music video for her collab with DaBaby, “Cry Baby,” off her “Good News” album. “Positions” is Grande’s sixth studio album including features from The Weeknd and Ty Dolla $ign. 

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