Ariana Grande’s New Music Video for ’34+35′

Ariana Grande has just released the music video to her new song “34+35” and it is just as racy and fabulous as her entire new album!

The song “34+35” is one of the many hits off her 2020 album “Positions.”This album features some of Ari’s most up front provocative songs yet, and “34+35” is certainly one of them!

Fabulous FemBots and a Scientist Ariana

In the incredible music video Ariana is seen rocking a white lab coat with matching platform gogo boots. Viewers watch scientist Ariana and her team of fellow lab partners work on bringing a robot version of herself to life!

Once successful in coming to life, this robotic Ariana uses her powers to turn the entire group of scientists into fabulous FemBots! These FemBots look straight out of an Austin Powers movie, rocking fury little slip dresses, platform heels and super teased hair!

A Behind the Scenes Look

The end of the music video features a look at some behind the scenes action. Footage of director Julien Christian Lutz directing Ariana and her crew through the scene where robot Ari comes to life is added in at the end for a cute surprise! 

Julien Christian Lutz has directed music videos for Kanye West, Drake, Justin Bieber, Jay Z and other big name artists! Lutz ‘creative visions are always well executed and never disappoint!

On The Gram

He took to the gram today to celebrate the release of the music video and praise Ariana!

“This girl @ArianaGrande is one of a kind. Lots of artists are on it but Ariana is ON IT! and on top of that on it on EVERYTHING!! She’s in there from beginning to end. Coming up with a video concept for her is no easy task. She’s done every possible video concept their is to do! Took us a minute but we figured it out for this one. 34+35 = polka dots, scientists, a robot and fem bots. Of course. Anyways she’s pure jokes and one of my new favorite people. (Don’t worry old favs your still my favs just adding Ariana to the fav category with you! Make space!) 📷 @AlfredoFlores,” wrote Lutz.

We can all agree that Ariana and “34+35” are in our ‘fav category’ as well!

What was your favorite part of this epic sci-fi music video? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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