The Bachelor 24×02 RECAP

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By: Jessica Murray

Welcome back to Week 2 of Peter’s season of The Bachelor. We resume Peter and Hannah B.’s conversation about where they stand. Peter points out that he has always wanted her more than she wanted him, which probably is not a great sign for their relationship.

In the end Hannah B. does not join Peter’s season (THANK GOD), but Peter cancels the group date activity to collect his emotions and we go straight to the cocktail party.

Natasha points out that everyday so far that the girls have seen Peter, they have also seen Hannah B. and you know what, she’s not wrong.

Sydney and Peter talk about how she’s “not your average southern girl” and gets the group date rose.

Peter gifts Madi a photo frame of their first date, aka his parent’s vow renewal, which is going to be a fun reminder if she doesn’t make it all the way to the end of this competition.

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Kelsey brings out a bottle of champagne for her and Peter that she’s been saving for years to open.

The girls hear a champagne pop and Kelsey’s face looks like she’s seen her own puppy die in front of her. Hannah Ann has stolen her bottle and opened it with Peter.

Kelsey starts crying and we dedicate practically the rest of this episode to the potential start of World War III.

The producers bring another champagne bottle for Peter and Kelsey as consolation—as if this mansion isn’t stocked to the gills with champagne. Peter asks if they should drink from the bottle and Kelsey takes a swig of champagne, which completely blows up in her face.

Hannah Ann gives the fakest apology and tells Kelsey, “I acknowledge your feelings, I respect your  opinion, and we’re moving on.” Even I wanted to hit Hannah Ann through my television. By the way, Hannah Ann, that’s not how apologies typically work.

I love the producers more and more with each passing episode. This episode they placed Kelsey and Hannah Ann next to each other during the Rose Ceremony and both girls were visibly pissed.

Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony gives roses to Mykenna, Victoria P., Natasha, Jasmine, Sarah, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Alexa, Tammy, Alayah, Deandra, Victoria F., Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, Kelsey, and Sydney.

He sends home Lauren, Payton, and Courtney.

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Revolve Fashion Show

Next morning, Madi reads the names off the next date card. Joining Peter on the date will be Victoria F., Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Kelsey, and Hannah Ann.

Victoria F. Says she is shy and gets lost in a crowd.I’m not sure if she knew what she was getting into competing on The Bachelor. 

Peter takes the girls to Revolve Clothing, which at this point is basically the unofficial sponsor of past Bachelor contestants and instagram models alike.

The girls will compete in a Revolve fashion show judged by Carson Kressley, Janice Dickinson, and the Chief Brand Officer of Revolve, Raissa Gerona, with the winner taking home everything in the Revolve closet.

Hannah Ann picked out one of those paperboy hats and my heart died a little bit. For her eveningwear she chose a wedding dress, which is BOLD.

Suddenly our shy little turtle Victoria F. gets some confidence and walks out in lingerie and makes out with Peter. Side note: She literally has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model so this shy schtick had me CONFUSED.

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Victoria F. says this was the first time she felt noticed by Peter, which made me sad because she literally had to strip down in lingerie to get his attention. 

Victoria F. and Hannah Ann go head-to-head for the title, but in expected fashion, Hannah Ann wins the challenge. What?! The only professional model wins a modeling contest? I’m shocked!

Victoria F. gets second place and says she’s done with the show because Hannah Ann always ends up winning. Um, you’ve only been here for two weeks, Victoria F. I don’t know if we can say Hannah Ann ALWAYS wins just yet.

Kelsey pours another glass of champagne for her and Peter, but in a glass this time, so I guess she’s learned her lesson about drinking from bottles.

Hannah Ann tells Peter that she couldn’t sleep last night because Kelsey bullied her, which is such a messy move.

Victoria F. gets a rose at the cocktail party and Peter pulls Kelsey aside to confront her about “bullying” Hannah Ann, but doesn’t actually do anything —kind of a pointless conversation.

We’ll see next week where Champagnegate takes us because I’m sure it’s not over. Do we think Hannah Ann knew about Kelsey’s bottle or was it a complete accident? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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