The Bachelor 24×03 RECAP

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By: Jessica Murray

Welcome back to our weekly recap of The Bachelor! This episode promises to be chock full of drama, so let’s begin! We resume Champagnegate with Hannah Ann insisting she’s not a champagne thief.

Peter shows up to the mansion to take Victoria P. on a date, looking like the Brawny Man.

He decides to take her to his hometown, which sounds a lot more special than it actually is— considering Peter lives 15 minutes away from the Bachelor mansion in the San Fernando Valley.

They go cowboy boot shopping, and I’m convinced this is the only boot place in the Valley. He says he and his friends like to go line dancing and there is legitimately only one place you can go in the Valley to line dance and it’s Borderline. I’m putting money that this is where they go.

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He takes her to The Canyon, which partnered up with Borderline after the tragic mass shooting in 2018 so I’m still technically right. 

They dance and they’re actually both very good— there had to be a lesson that we missed because no one’s that good at line dancing on their first try, or maybe I’m just bad at line dancing. Who knows, but that’s definitely it.

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We’re back at the mansion and Kelsey approaches Hannah Ann to talk. Hannah Ann says that she’s justified in calling hear a bully because after the finasco, (her words, not mine) Kelsey called her a bitch, fake, and a princess.

Kelsey then reveals that it’s not about the champagne and that she doesn’t even really like champagne. WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE THEN KELSEY!

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They finish their date in an airplane hanger because ABC loves a theme.

She says that Peter’s shown her what she deserves. I just have to say, did you forget he’s also dating twenty other girls that you live with? Anyways, Victoria P. gets a rose.

Alayah tells the girls she’s very good at putting on a face— maybe don’t tell that to your competition.

The Group Date

Natasha reads the group date card and invites Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Savannah, Sydney and Alayah.

Demi from Colton’s season walks in the mansion, while the girls are sleeping and practically assaults them with pillows.

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Yay! Their group date is being planned by Demi of all people. This is going to be worse than Hannah B.’s cancelled date.

For this group date, we have… PILLOW FIGHTING! Ok, now what group of male producers pitched this! Regardless, it’s on ladies!

Tammy decides to just ignore using the pillow,  tackles Kelley, and gets disqualified. WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE RULES WHEN KELLEY CHEATED IN THE LAST RACE!!

Sydney and Alayah pillow fight in the final round and at one point, start pulling each other’s hair. Alayah wins.

Sydney asks Alayah if she works (weird flex, but okay) and Alayah tells her she has three jobs.

Sydney lectures her that she needs to be her real self and not her “pageant self” because that’s what Peter wants.

Sydney tells Peter that there are people that are different in the house, referring to Alayah. This is especially a sore subject for Peter after he had to deal with Jed during Hannah B.’s season.

Peter gathers everyone together and asks Sydney who she was referring to—way to put her on the spot, Peter!
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Pool Party

The next day, Chris Harrison announces there will be no cocktail party, but they will be having a fun day pool party.

Peter tells the girls that he’s not in the best mood, which to be honest, has been the case for two out of the three episodes so far.

Alayah says that she’s talked to all of the other girls and they all say she acts the same. Flash forward to most of the girls saying she puts it on for the cameras.

Victoria P. reveals to Peter that she knew Alayah before through pageants and that Alayah had asked her not to tell producers that they knew each other. She mentions that Alayah was really into the opportunities that would happen even if she didn’t end up with Peter (*cough* *cough* flat tummy tea sponsorships on instagram).

Peter goes home without saying goodbye to the girls. Mykenna cries because she didn’t get any time with him thanks to the Alayah drama.

Rose ceremony

At the rose ceremony, Peter hands roses to Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Natasha, Lexi, Madison, Shiann, Kelley, Kiarra, Tammy, Deandra, and Mykenna.

In the end, Peter sends home Alayah, Alexa, Sarah and Jasmine.

Even though Peter sent Alayah home, he starts saying that he doesn’t know if he wants to let her go and that he hopes that the right decision was made.

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