The Bachelor Season 24×01 RECAP

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By: Jessica Murray

Welcome to the first week of our Season 24 The Bachelor recap. My name is Jess and I’m a food lover, reality television junkie, and I definitely prefer short walks on the beach. If you mention any show on the Bravo or E! Network there’s a ninety percent chance I’ve seen it. I’ve seen every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette and most of the spinoff series. Fun fact: I’ve also won a Bachelor franchise trivia contest, so my credentials are surely up to par.

We open up with Peter doing flying tricks in a small airplanepreparing us for an entire season of aviation puns and dates. Everyone, brace yourselves!

The Limo Entrances

The girls in the first limo are already starting with a “Cheers to our copilot” toast, one of many in the season I’m sure.

Alayah is the first to get out of the limo with a letter from her grandmother because family means everything to her. Surprise! Both Pilot Peter and she  have a grandma named “Rose.” I also have a Grandma Rose, do I get a rose?

Hannah Ann meets Peter, and he tells her that he loves that name. No kidding!

The girls from the first limo go inside and toast to Hannah B. sending Peter home last season.

Eunice comes in angel wings like giant Victoria’s Secret ones. She tells him that she’s a flight attendant as if that’s so crazy (surprise there’s 3 flight attendants this season).If that were the case, then why doesn’t Peter just find a flight attendant at LAX or something. She says that Peter is going to forget girls tonight (he does) but because she’s a flight attendant she’s different.

Qatar Airways


Big surprise, none of the flight attendants make it to week two.

Tammy brings a TSA metal detector wand, (real curious on how she got her hands on that) hovers it over his nether regions, and says, “they told me there was a large package.” IS THIS STILL ABC? She tells him that she has to give him another private screening inside the mansion. Lot of aggressive sexual energy from this girl, and I don’t know if Peter is able to handle it.

Kiarra comes out in a suitcase on a trolley. My only thought was, “Peter was way too nonchalant, and this poor girl was probably losing some valuable air.” After she leaves, Chris Harrison suggests cutting her in half like a magic trick. Somebody should get a warrant to search his house.

Savannah blindfolds Pilot Pete and makes out with him, which is downright cheating.

Kelley comes out and we find out that she and Peter met before the season in a hotel lobby. S was attending a wedding and he was at a reunion.

Hannah B. shows up in a limo to talk to Peter, and these women are reacting like they’re in the Pentagon during a missile crisis. One of the girls asks if this is legal? What laws do you think exist here?

She brings back the airplane wings that he gave her on her season of The Bachelorette. It’s actually a really sweet moment.

Hannah Ann gets what I’m going to call the first REAL kiss, since the woman who decided to blindfold him and kiss him without warning shouldn’t count.

Tammy gives him another pat down and kisses him while he’s handcuffed. These ladies seriously need a conversation about appropriate behavior.

Mykenna tries to steal Peter away from Natasha and Natasha just straight up tells her that if Mykenna is asking her, the answer is no. Natasha then stands in the corner 10 feet away while they make out, watching them.

Hannah Ann goes up for the third time and requests a kiss. At this point, Peter is now just giving kisses out like a vending machine.

Hannah Ann gets the first impression rose, and quite frankly, she deserves it for putting in that much work!

The First Rose Ceremony

It’s the next morning which mean rose ceremony time and Peter keeps Victoria P., Madison, Kelley, Lexi, Savannah, Lauren, Tammy, Alayah, Jasmine, Sydney, Natasha, Mykenna, Deandra, Sarah, Alexa, Kelsey, Payton, Kiara, Courtney, Shiann, and Victoria F.

In the end, Peter sends home Kylie, Maurissa, Katrina, Avonlea (which thank goodness because let’s be honest I was never going to be able to pronounce her name), Megan, Jade, Jenna, and Eunice.

The First Group Date

It’s the first date challenge and you guessed it, we’re flying. This week’s date is flight school and the sadistic producers have these poor girls doing third grade math. They then put the girls on an orbitron to simulate turbulence. Someone will definitely throw up. Surprise, Victoria P. throws up!

We’re down to Tammy, Shiann, and Kelley in the obstacle course. Kelley cheats by  cutting across the pathway and wins. Somehow not getting eliminated for cheating. Given that she already met him before the season and got away with cheating, the girls are pissed. She takes off in an airplane with Peter.

Victoria P. tells Peter that she’s never had anyone check up on her like he did after she vomited. He brought her flowers because the night before she told him she had never gotten flowers from a guy before. All of Victoria P.’s exes should be embarrassed.

Madison gets the 1-on-1 date card.

The 1-On-1 Date

Peter takes Madison to his parent’s vow renewal ceremony, which definitely gives you a leg up on the competition when you get to meet the Bachelor’s family within the first week.

Obviously, they let Madison catch the bouquet at the vow renewal. At the end of the date, Madison receives a rose.

Meanwhile at the house, the rest of the girls are discussing Madison’s date when Lauren, Sydney, Payton, Natasha, Alexa, Kelsey, Mykenna, Alayah and Savannah get a group date card.

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The Second Group Date

The girls arrive the next day on their group date planned by none other than Hannah B. She tells the girls about her and Peter’s sexcapades as if we haven’t heard it  for the eighth time this episode.

We then find Hannah B. crying and telling Peter that she questions the choices she made on her season. Peter asks Hannah B. if she would be willing to stay in the house to which she tells him there’s a possibility.

We’ll have to watch next week’s episode to see if Hannah B. joins the house!

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