Bank of America Celebrates Baseball’s Returns


With the return of Major League Baseball, Bank of America, the official bank of the MLB, has decided to launch the “Let’s Rally” program. The program is to get fans excited about the return of the sport!

Essentially, whenever a “MLB team rallies from behind in a late inning, Bank of America will donate $10,000, and will give up to 1 million, to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.” BoA has also collaborated with MLB players to create 30 new custom T-shirts, with donations going to the Boys & Girls Club as well. 

Many people are excited for the return of the sport after the long halt. Meredith Verdone, chief marketing officer of BoA, stated that she felt this was a great way for fans and the teams to rally together to help the people who were probably the most affected by the pandemic. 


The president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Club stated,”We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Bank of America and are grateful for their continued support through the Let’s Rally program that comes at such a critical time.” We know their donations will be put to good use to help the youth of America. 

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