Batman & Wonder Woman Trailers Released

Earlier this week Warner Bros. Pictures released two trailers for highly anticipated films. There has been a lot of buzz for both The Batman and the next Wonder Woman 1984 film. Did you see them? If not, do that right away! 

The Batman

Chills, full body chills. Did you see that? I’m so excited. I’m ready to see Robert Pattison take on the role of the iconic Batman. The beautiful and talented Zoë Kravitz will also be in the film portraying Catwoman! Another interesting thing about the film will be its antagonists. The question marks at the end in “?0?1” to portray that the movie will be out in 2021 mean that the infamous Riddler will be in the film. I checked the cast list and that will be played by Paul Dano. I can’t wait for this film to come out! I’ll definitely be watching in theaters or my nearest drive-in!

Wonder Woman 1984

Not gonna lie I got chills for this one too. I was just as shocked s Diana to see that Steve Trevor is back! I’ll admit, I never read the DC comics but I am a big fan of the films. I thought it was interesting that Kristen Wiig would actually be playing the villainess, Cheetah. I’m used to her in comedies but I’m still excited to see her expand her range.

In other recent news, we lost a brilliant actor last night. May Chadwick Boseman rest in peace. 


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