Beauty Gurus Who Actually Teach Makeup, Not Drama

With four of the biggest beauty gurus on YouTube being stuck in some serious drama, people need places to turn to when it comes to makeup tutorials. Plenty of new artists have been recognized now that they have been pushed away. We have a few of them here for you!

Alexandra Anele

Alexandra Anele’s eyes are quite famous on the Internet. If you’ve seen any image advertisements for Pat McGrath Labs, you’ve seen the 28-year-old’s eyelid artwork. Her videos are very clear tips on how to shape your face to perfection using the right products in the proper spots. She also shows everyone how to use Pat McGrath products and make it worth your money. 

Beauty guru

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina has been in the YouTube world for a long time, but hasn’t gotten the same hype as many others. She is a Black makeup artist whose content goes from skincare and makeup tutorials, nail tutorials, current events, and self care guides. Jackie also has several videos talking about brands, their shade ranges, and how the lack of shades strains the Black community in makeup. She recently had a palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills and reviews them frequently.

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Robert Welsh

Robert Welsh is a professional makeup artist — that will certainly land the Beauty Guru title. He has been on the site for four years, but also posts his content on Facebook in snippets. If you haven’t seen him on YouTube, you may have seen him on your feed. His more popular videos are those that go in depth about what’s right and wrong in the Instagram and TikTok beauty community. He debunks their tips and processes and gives his viewers the proper way to put on makeup. 

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Bailey Sarian

If you’re into true crime and conspiracy theories, but love makeup, too, then Bailey Sarian is the one for you! She is a wildly talented makeup artist who loves to do “Get Ready With Me” videos while talking about famous crime stories and criminals. If you’re trying to get your fix of true crime and conspiracies in now that Shane Dawson’s career is in a bad place, she’s going to be your girl!

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is another amazing Black beauty guru. She does very in depth reviews on deep shades of makeup products, as that is her shade range. Her channel tends to be strictly beauty, whether it’s hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, or nail tutorials. She also did a video listing all of the products that failed people of color in 2019!

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Hindash is a Dubai based makeup artist who actually started as a painter. Several of his pieces, which focus on black and white art, are hanging in museums. His makeup style tends to be more of the classic eye look tutorials, so if you’re more glam and want an easy professional tutorial, he might be your guy! He also displays how to do makeup on different eye and skin types.

There are plenty more artists that are on YouTube that deserve more credit than they get, so always search around when trying to find a tutorial! You might just find some of your new favorite beauty gurus!

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