Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas Have Ended Their Relationship

Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas have officially called it quits on their relationship.

The actors, who started dating in 2020, have reportedly split up almost a year after the two got together.

The Break Up

A source confirmed with People that the famous pair have parted ways. This source also reported that de Armas was the one to throw in the towel.

The two were apparently in different points in their lives.

Ben is no longer dating Ana,” said the source. “She broke it off. Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn’t want to be Los Angeles based and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles.

Another source shared that the idea of more children was a major factor in the couple’s split. Affleck not wanting more kids was a deal breaker for the “Knives Out” actress. Though the two could not come to an agreement, the pair are allegedly still on good terms.

“This is something that was mutual and something that is completely amicable,” they said. “They are in different point in their lives; there is deep love and respect there. Ben continues to want to work on himself. He has three jobs lined up and he’s a solid father at home. They are both happy with their lives.”

Done for Good?

Although the couple is over for now, an insider told Page Six that friends of the pair still think the couple might reunite.

“They could get back together,” said the source. “They are in love. People who know them believe it’s temporary.”

De Armas is not yet a mother while Affleck has three children with ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. The source continued to say Affleck was not in a place to have more children as he felt he was too busy and wanted to put his family first.

“He would not commit to having more kids,” said the insider. “She is in her 30s. It was a deal-breaker.”

The two were linked together in March 2020 as they visited de Armas home country, Cuba. The former couple spent quarantine together in Los Angeles and were constantly seen going on walks through out their neighborhood.

The couple’s break up has only went even more viral on social media when paparazzi caught a masked man throwing away a  life-sized cut out of de Armas coming from Affleck’s household.

Throwing away your ex’s life-size cut out seems pretty final to us? Do you think the two actors will rekindle their romance, or are they over for good? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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