Best Albums That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Here are some of the best albums that you’ve probably never heard of!

With so much amazing music being released every week, it’s hard to keep track or determine what to listen first. 

We’re five months into the new year, we rounded up some of the best releases of the year you’d probably never heard (so far). From ambient/IDM soundscapes, to fiery reggaeton/perreo club bangers, to hushed, sensual R&B, we’re sure you’ll find a new album to relish on for the summer.

Erika De Casier ‘Sensational (4AD)

Danish Singer-songwriter Erika De Casier brings the hushed sensibilities of Sade and the amplified swagger of Aaliyah to the fullest in her sophomore effort (and 4AD debut) “Sensational.” 

A concept album, De Casier touches on the stereotypes surrounding single women and dating. “You gotta have some manners/If you wanna roll with me” De Casier coos over a rude lover in “Polite.” 

The album also touches on the tougher aspects of romance that De Casier has kept in momentum since 2019’s “Essentials,” and she furthers this tenacity on “Sensational.”   

Isabella Lovestory ‘Mariposa (Remix Mixtape (Self-Released)’

Honduran “pop princess” Isabella Lovestory tapped into Gwen Stefani and R.B.D.-tinged sounds in 2020’s “Mariposa” EP. Now, she’s taken those influences to its max-capacity in this fun, club-ready remix mixtape. Calling on many guest-features such as Club Eat, Kamixlo, Drumloop, Ebhoni, and Hook, to re-work songs into trap-infused beats, to etheric shoegaze. This mixtape is sure to be your summer soundtrack.

Cassander Jenkins ‘An Overview on Phenomenal Nature (Ba Da Bing!)’

Like many great storytellers, NY-based Cassandra Jenkins reflects on conversations with friends and strangers in her sophomore album, a set of iridescent folk-rock that touches on the reality of getting comfortable with chaos. 

Ebhoni ‘X EP (True Panther)’

Toronto-based (and Fenty model) Ebhoni draws drizzy R&B club tracks in the vein of Teyana Taylor and bad gyal Rihanna in her debut EP, “X.” 

On opener “X-Ting” (a smooth, reggae dancehall track), Ebhoni laments on a former ex who won’t leave her alone, but secretly relishes on his attempts to rekindle: “My ex-ting callin’/You see me, I, I run his mind/Wishing he can go back in time/Go press rewind.” In the music video for the song, someone comments “You know I’m about to find my next insta caption in these lyrics.” Not only does the 21-year old establish style and rhythm, but it’s evident she’s laying the groundwork for future “bad gyals.”

Ishi Vu ‘La Luz (Different Recordings/Glum Trigger)’

“This is your life!/It’s real time, you hear me!” a voice glides through dubbed-trance loops that blares into an electrifying, deep break-beat in “This is your life,” the second track on Stockholm-based Ishi Vu’s “La Luz.”  Ishi Vu has been bubbling with releases such as his “Ephemeral Garbage” EP back in 2019, but his debut “La Luz,” shows a cohesive body of work that akins to the hazy sounds of Boards of Canada and the tantalizing IDM of Aphex Twin. From start to finish, you’ll be sure to sway or jump with the lights dimmed in your bedroom. 

Which of these albums was your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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