By: Jasmine Escareno

What comes to mind when you think “Disney?”  For me I think of all the magical moments and movies like Snow White and the Little Mermaid I watched growing up. Great right? Now, Disney has been adding a modern twist to their classic cartoons, as live action movies. These are my ratings for my Top 5: 

Aladdin                               7/10

Now the original Aladdin was released in 1992 with a star cast of Scott Weigner, Linda Larkin, and let’s not forget the late Robin Williams. Now for the 2019 version. Obviously there’s going to be differences, with the original being in animation. For the 2019 Aladdin, we have a diverse cast with Naomi Scott playing Jasmine, Mena Massoud playing Aladdin, and Will Smith playing Genie. It follows the same plotline of Jasmine’s father wanting to find her a husband, and Aladdin hoping to impress her. The film does tend to be dry at times as the characters try a bit much to be humorous. Again, this film is great and does let the viewer reminisce their childhood days, but I wouldn’t say this is the BEST Disney film. It’s suitable and will make you laugh your pants off, but that’s it.

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The Lion King                     9/10 

The Lion King, one of the biggest classics for Disney, after The Little Mermaid I would say. This film was highly anticipated given the Award winning cast members, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, James Earl Jones and Beyonce. This 2019 version does a great job of retaining the same plot line. The battle for Pride Rock is real as Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor) has his own plans in winning the throne. Simba (Donald Glover) has his own internal battle after his father passes away in an accident. Disney does an amazing job with the CGI effects as the viewer feels as if they are actually in the savannah.

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Lady and the Tramp           N/A

So technically, this film isn’t out yet, but the trailer is! The 1955 version did a little play on the stereotypes and what life was like in the US and conservative views. Now taking a glimpse in the 2019 version, we see that Disney indeed is keeping up the streak in diversity as Jim’s wife Darling is an African American woman. I can’t wait to see this film as it continues to break the stereotypes, but keep the storyline intact of Lady and Tramp. We will see on November 12th what Lady and the Tramps adventure will be like!


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Cinderella                                         10/10

Who doesn’t remember this classic tale? Cinderella grows up with only her father but ends up with an EVIL stepmother (Cate Blanchett) who treats her like a servant girl. Now, for this 2015 version, Cinderella (Lilly James) may be wonderful and still have a dream for everything to get better, however, she fights for what she wants. She defies her stepmother and speaks her mind. This movie is done wonderfully from the cinematography to the costumes. For example, the ball scene. This is where Cinderella first meets the prince (Richard Madden) and to the whole kingdom. Whew! Like no pressure right? Anyways, both Lilly and Richard make a wonderful performance of the ball and have such chemistry that its almost hard to believe that they’re not a real life couple. This film comes to a close as the prince tries to find the woman he danced with. Cinderella is caught singing in the attic and to no one’s surprise, fits the glass slipper. This tale is a never ending classic and definitely one for people to see!


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Maleficent                                                  10/10

Now for Maleficent. I remember how triggering that name was for me as a child. However, for this 2014 version, there is a plot twist. Instead of focusing on how evil Maleficent is, we actually see her side of the story. Disney does a wonderful job of showing how evil is not born but made, and how villains can redeem themselves. This is evident when Maleficent feels terrible for cursing Aurora and fighting to reverse it. This beloved film comes to a fruitful ending as Stefan becomes mad and Aurora is saved by Maleficent herself. She also gets her wings back. Yay!


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Now this is for the first Maleficent film. The second part came out this year, and picks up where they left off. Aurora instead of a young girl is now a woman engaged to Phillip. There’s a lot of misunderstandings between Maleficent and Aurora in this second part, but again, Disney brings this live action the ending it deserves. With them living happily ever after. At least, for now. 

Disney keep doing your thing!

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