Best Makeup Subscription Boxes

I’m not sure about you guys, but one thing I miss doing is going to Sephora or Ulta, browsing all the latest makeup trends, and trying new looks. With the stay at home orders still continuing, it’s a little tricky to be doing that. However with it being 2020, we have so many options to test out new products and looks from the comfort of our home thanks to makeup subscription boxes! These are our top picks on makeup subscriptions that offer a great variety of products from different brands that are also affordable as well!

IPSY $12/ month

bag and all items group shot from Ipsy

This subscription service is great because while being budget friendly, you also get quality products picked for you based on your beauty preferences, skin type and color and, what you prefer wearing (ex. Colorful or neutral eyeshadow). Each month you get to pick one product you want included in your glam bag based on what the options are. Then the rest are picked for you based on your interest. Each glam bag comes with its own mini makeup bag, and five beauty products that range from makeup brushes to even nail polish. 

Birchbox– $15/ month

group of 6 items around birchbox

This subscription service is similar to IPSY, where you receive products based on your beauty preferences but they also focus on hair and skin care. While they still send you makeup samples, they also offer types of shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type as well as face masks based on what type of skin you have. This box also comes with a bag and five samples every month too.

BoxyCharm– $25/ month

all item group shot BoxyCharm 

A fan favorite with subscribers, you get five full-sized, name-brand beauty products each month! Curated by professionals, subscribers get to discover new makeup products that are on trend this year, while providing tips on how to wear each product from how to use your makeup brush that you got in your box to learning how to apply concealer. With the full-size products, your makeup is guaranteed to last throughout this quarantine.

Glossy Box– $21/ month

all items inside glossybox group shot

This subscription sends you five premium beauty products that are trending in the makeup world. What’s great about this box is their service also includes tips on how to apply the makeup you receive  for the month. Another bonus is if you are a student, you get 20% off each month for your box!

Kinder Beauty Box– $25/ month

Kinder Beauty non-toxic beauty box unboxing

For those who want to be eco-friendly and focus on clean beauty with their makeup, this is the subscription for you! With the focus of the makeup being 100% vegan, cruelty free and environmentally conscious, subscribers can freely discover trending beauty products, guilt free! And what’s great is a portion of all sales benefits some of their favorite animal rights and environmental causes.

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