Best Summer Date Ideas For You and Your Boo

Summertime is here, and it’s time to plan some summer date for you and your boo.

Summer is the best time to go on dates. The warm weather broadens allows you to do so many things you couldn’t do in the Winter. Here are 6 summer date ideas you and your partner are sure to enjoy!

The Beach 

Nothing scream summer like the beach! A beach date can involve many different things like playing catch, or swimming together, but a picnic can really bring romance to the sand.  Set up a blanket and make sure to keep seagulls away. Get a cute little arrangement of fruit, cheese, sandwiches or whatever you want to make this date perfect. 

Amusement Park

The best way to get close to your date is by going on wild rides at the amusement park. Not only can you bond over these thrills, you’ll also always have something to do; whether that’s rollercoasters, the Ferris Wheel, games, or the endless food options. Of course, sharing popcorn or cotton candy is always super cute. 

Sporting Event

Are you and your date sports fans? Then a date watching your favorite baseball team is the way to go! Actually, even if you’re not a sports fan this date can still be fun.Not only is it entertainment for all, you might even learn about the game while you’re there. 


There’s nothing like a concert in the summer, and making a date is even better. However, it may not the best idea for a first date since you won’t be able to do to much talking. But, you will be able to share your fun, dancing, and musical side on this date. Hopefully you like the same music, but regardless concerts are always fun. Be sure to grab some dinner before the concert, so the two of you can get some conversation in for the night!


Looking for a chill date? Then hiking is for you. You’ll both get to check out what trails are near and you can get your fitness on at the same time. Plus, the scenic views are great to stop at and take cute pictures. 

Drive-in Movie

Find a drive-in movie theater near you for another cute date. You’ll get to curl up next to your date no matter what kind of movie it is. As cliche as it sounds, scary movies might be the way to go if you want those comfort cuddles. Regardless, this date is easy, inexpensive, and a classic for a reason. It never disappoints!

What summer date ideas did we miss? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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