Billie Eilish Breaks the Internet with Britsh Vogue Cover Shoot

Music sensation Billie Eilish took fans by surprise with her new look for the cover of British Vogue. The popstar switched up her oversized clothes aesthetic, and dawned a lingerie pin-up-esque look that definitely broke the internet!

New Look for a New Era

The 19-year-old star graced the June issue of British Vogue in a sultry corseted, leather skirt ensemble. This is a far cry from the baggy clothes she’s notorious for wearing. 

“I’ve literally never done anything in this realm at all,” Eilish said.

This “classic,old-timey pin-up” look sets the tone for her next music era, and goes hand-in-hand with the wavy blonde locks she debuted in March.

The shoot also features her in more muted nude and pinkish tones, which complement her new style. Eilish was styled in custom pieces from designers like Gucci and Alexander McQueen. The singer even stunned in a black Mugler bodysuit. This new look proves she is more than ready to shed her old shell.

In fact, the main message behind her upcoming “Happier Than Ever” album is reclaiming her agency and sexuality as a young woman. 

New Outlook

Prior to this, Eilish stuck to shapeless silhouettes that hid her body because she feared body-shaming and didn’t want to be hyper-sexualized.

Now, the “Your Power” singer was ready for a different look, and confessed she wasn’t interested in “try[ing] to be a person that [her] old self would like.”

“You should be exactly who you feel like you are and want to be in that moment, otherwise you’re going to go insane,” she said.

Eilish emphasized the importance of prioritizing personal choices over societal expectations.

The Grammy-winning artist also made it clear that she was not interested in how men may respond to her decision to switch up her look. Eilish hopes her British Vogue cover can encourage all women to feel comfortable in their own skin. 

“Suddenly you’re a hypocrite if you want to show your skin, and you’re easy and you’re a slut and you’re a whore. If I am, then I’m proud. Let’s turn it around and be empowered in that,” she preached.

“My thing is that I can do whatever I want.” 

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