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With remote learning as the new normal, screen time has only increased. Staring at blue light computer screens for hours can cause our eyes to get super tense and even lead to headaches.

Blue light glasses are a fashionable way to relieve yourself from virtual caused headaches, while looking trendy in the process.

The Need for Blue Light Glasses

Staring at blue light all day is not good for your eyes. According to, “Digital eye strain occurs when you spend too much time staring at a screen, and it can result in everything from headaches and neck tension to dry eyes and blurry vision. Plus, it’s fairly common.” 

Since we can’t minimize the time we spend on computers, try to minimize the strain on your eyes. Below are six pairs of trendy blue light glasses to check out as your latest class essential!

Princess Polly “Aura Blue Light Glasses”

This pair of Princess Polly glasses are both stylish and smart. This pair  comes in a variety of colors, making a perfect match for any outfit. The “Aura” is currently sold on their website for $28.

Princess Polly “Talk It Out Blue Light Glasses” 

This pair screams evening vibes. Its chic circular frame adds a bit of style to this school necessity. The “Talk It Out Blue Light Glasses” are sold on Princess Polly for $28.

Quay “CEO”

It’s not named “CEO” for nothing. This pair screams boss vibes. Its cat-shaped square “features a premium injection frame,” with strong arms for durability. This is the perfect pair to wear to a  meeting, dinner or virtual Zoom happy hour. Quay’s “CEO,” is sold for $55.

Revolve -“Twelve Hungry Bens”

The Revolve “Twelve Hungry Bens” is the just the item you need to combat virtual headaches. This pair is so cute you may just want to wear it as an accessory beyond the screen. Find this cellophane pair for $30 on Revolve.

Lulus “Screen Queen Light Tortoise Blue Light Glasses”

This tortoise pair has a rectangular design with shiny silver accents. Its “sleek and modern touch,”  make it versatile for all occasions. The best part is that they are promoted to help fight blue light headaches. This  stylish pair is sold for $16 on Lulus.

Nordstrom BP “Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses”

The BP “Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses” offer sophistication and style. Stated by Nordstrom, “Throwback frames elevate effortless glasses fitted with blue-light–blocking lenses that help reduce eye strain from electronic devices and computer screens.” Priced at only $15, this pair is super affordable and adorable!

Which pair of blue light glasses are your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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