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Body Positivity, a New Tik Tok Trend

Social media has always been a space for women and girls to look at unrealistic beauty standards, but not for long. This new Tik Tok trend is completely rewriting the rules of what is beautiful.


Body positivity is such an important topic in the world of fashion and social media. Many girls find themselves comparing themselves to others on social media. They look at celebrities or their peers and compare their beauty with the beauty of others.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Social media has created a “standard” of beauty that is often unobtainable and not natural. Girls are coming together to make a change in the beauty community and are accepting all women because all women are beautiful.

The trend consists of girls showing themselves wearing high waisted pants at the beginning of the video. Then, towards the end of the video, they show off their stomachs without sucking it in or hiding it.

They are putting their whole, completely natural bodies out for everyone to see. This trend is very refreshing and freeing for many girls. It is developing a whole community of girls supporting one another for who they naturally are.

The star of this trend is a Sienna Gomez, also known as “spicy Latina” on Tik Tok. Sienna has started one of the newest trends on Tik Tok centered around body positivity.

The goal of the trend is to promote body positivity and comfort with one’s self.


Sienna has made multiple videos and has over 26 million likes. She is best known for her signature dance move, best described as the squirrel emoji.

Sienna got famous off a video she posted on her private Tik Tok as a joke for her friends. She posted it, and by the next day, it had far over a million views. Sienna has now used her platform to promote confidence in their skin and positivity for girls everywhere.

Singer Lizzo has even hopped onto Sienna’s video trend. Girls everywhere are creating their remakes to her videos and spreading the message of confidence and body positivity.

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