Brad Pitt + Property Brothers? Yes, Please!


HGTV’s favorite twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, aka the “Property Brothers”, are hosting a whole handful of celebrities, including actor (and eye candy) Brad Pitt on their new show, “Celebrity IOU.” 

The show’s premise is for celebrities to participate in extreme home renovations, with the help of the Property Brothers, of course, in order to surprise someone meaningful that has had a great impact on that celebrity’s life. 

For the show’s premiere, Brad Pitt helped revamp the living quarters of his long time friend and makeup artist, Jean Black.

“It’s fantastic, it’s fantastic. I’ve been waiting for so long  to see something like this happen to that dump. That’s honest,” said Brad in an interview with Good Morning America. 

Other celebrities to grace the show with their presence include Michael Buble, Viola Davis, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson, among others. 

The show will air Monday’s at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. 

See the trailer for “Celebrity IOU” below. 

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