Cardi B Files For Divorce From Husband Offset

The only thing men have, is the audacity. After another batch of rumors that rapper Offset was unfaithful to his wife, Cardi B, she has filed for divorce. The couple had their secret wedding back in September of 2017. Shortly after that was when rumors of Offsets infidelity began but that was not where they ended. 


More rumors of Offset’s infidelity surfaced shortly after Cardi gave birth to their daughter, Kulture. Offset seemed to feel terrible about his actions and tried many attempt to get Cardi back. He even went so far as to join her on one of her stages with rose bunches that said “Take me back Cardi.” They reconciled and tried to work things out after this. 

Despite Cardi’s efforts to stay with the father of her child, things did not work out. Although this is a tough time, she is a good mom and a talented rapper so we now she will be okay. We know that she knows that she can get anyone she wants and she will do just that when she feels the time is right. Keep being amazing Cardi and thank you for WAP! 

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