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Cardi B announced that she has filed to drop her divorce with her husband Offset. The “WAP” artist had called for a divorce in the past, but never went through with it. Despite publicly coming out about leaving Offset a couple times, it seems the couple is back on again for good!

The two were seen very close together at Cardi B’s birthday celebration showing total PDA.The couple was seen kissing at Cardi B’s 28th birthday in Vegas. Offset also gave Cardi quite the nice gift. Offset gifted Cardi a Rolls Royce truck for her birthday!  Videos of this birthday behavior circled Instagram and caused fans to wonder if the two were officially back on! Videos of this birthday behavior circled Instagram and caused fans to wonder if the two were officially back on! In the most shared video of the two, Cardi B is seen on top of Offset, in what looks to be the two enjoying the moment. The speculations of a re-kindled romance are now a reality.

Though it might look like a joyous occasion on the inside, a lot of fans are very critical of Cardi B’s move. Officially, she filed “without prejudice”, which means she can refile for divorce at a later time. Cardi B responded to the backlash, with a video shooting back on all the haters of her surprising decision. 

“Twitter users be like: ‘Cardi, you’re in a mentally abusive relationship. Oh my gosh we gotta save you’; and I be like: ‘… I’m 28 years old, I don’t need that.” said Cardi B in her response video. 

Essentially Cardi B feels like although there are a lot of men after her, she is too mature for the “dm’s” and would rather be with the man she wants deep down. The star is confident that she can work it out with Offset. Despite this clear cut video, fans are still skeptical, and they will probably be that way until the divorce is finally settled. 

A  judge still needs to sign off on the official dismissal to formalize the decision. 

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