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Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira.” On this episode, our host Liv focuses on the topic of career and identity. Liv goes in depth to explain how our career impacts our identity, and how both go hand in hand.

Career Impacts Identity

Liv starts the segment by telling us that your career really impacts your identity. Career plays a huge role in our identity because it influences the way we live our lives, the things we do today and ultimately, how we view ourselves.

This can especially be the case if you’ve had a specific career in mind for years. With career and identity being so closely linked, many people end up asking themselves the question, “Is this what I want to do in life?”

Now, Not Forever

As her own boss, Liv explains that even she has asked herself this question before. Realizing the impact career has on identify can make you panic, but fear not.

Our host says, “This is okay to say yes to say yes to, right now! You can say ‘Yes, I love this fuels me right now, this is what I want to do’ but you can also change your mind in the future.”

When pursuing a career, or working at a job, it is easy to feel trapped or like you’re not doing enough. Liv reminds us that it is okay to not want it forever. Because identity feels so permanent, something as major as a career can leave you feeling stagnant and helpless. Just like identities and who we are fluctuates, our career path can change as well.

If you’re unhappy “know that it’s okay to switch gears.”


Liv explains that there are things everyone is told in life that place limits on them. These limits affect both career and identity. This is caused in part by where or how someone grew up.

These beliefs – that may be different for each person — are instilled in us and cause us to hold back in life. We believe the box we are placed in is our identity.

To break away from these limits, Liv say it important to realize there are opportunities that you haven’t even thought of yet that will be presented for you. As cheesy as it sounds, thinking about the positive that is to come can change how you feel inside

Be Self-Aware

You know yourself better than everyone else. This is why Liv says it’s important to check in with yourself and think about what is is you want to do and who you want to be.

Life can get pretty mundane, and many of us think about our goals as some far away fantasy.

Liv recommends writing down what you’d like to accomplish, and people that inspire you. This way, you have something on paper that acknowledges things that matter to you, and acknowledgment is the first step to making it happen.

Our host says it best, invest in what matters to you most.

Pursuing what makes you feel fulfilled in life, is key in making you feel more secure in yourself and your identity.

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