Carrie Berk Discusses Her Book, ‘Frenemies (Ask Emma Book 2)’

Today on EntScoop Chats our host, Kelly Gilmore, spoke with author, actress and TikTok creator, Carrie Berk! Carrie shares with us details on the release of the paperback version of her book “Frenemies  (Ask Emma Book 2).”

 A Passion for Writing Books

As a successful author of three book series, Carrie has a strong passion for writing that stemmed at a young age! She published her first book at the age of eight years old!

Carrie tells us what that experience was like and how that passion bloomed so young. “When I was in the second grade I was read realistic fiction for the first time and I loved this idea that you could take real life themes and place them inside a fictional character,” she explained.”

One day I came home from school and I told my mom that I had this idea for a book about these four girls who are kind of outsiders at their school but they come together and form a cupcake club to combat bullying.” 

Carrie reflected on the news that her first book was going to be published, as she was actually on a cruise with her family when they got the call that three different publishers were interested! This led to three different book series such as “Fashion Academy” and “Ask Emma.”

‘Frenemies (Ask Emma Book 2)’

Most recently, Carrie has released the paperback version of  “Frenemies,” the second book in the “Ask Emma” series. She tells us that this book sends a message on the power of friendship even amid an argument with friends.

 “The best of friends are able overcome anything and we can really see that with Emma, Izzy and Harriet in the book series.” She shares that it is so important to keep that message in mind, as we are all trying to stay connected to friends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acting on Stage and on Screen

Some of Carrie’s books have even made their way from the book shelves onto the stage as Off-Broadway productions! The multi-talented author not only co-wrote the script for these plays, but starred in them! 

“It was so much fun to be able to get to be able to play Kylie Carson, which was the lead character,” said Carrie. “I feel like I wrote her from the bottom of my heart when I was eight years old. I really wanted to play her and portray her authentically.”

Carrie not only acts on stage, but on screen as well! She starred in the Brat TV series “Stage Fright” as the character Karina! She tells us that it was such an amazing experience to act on this show. She shares that it was a blast to play the character Karina, as she is someone who is also a writer!

Having 1.2 Million Followers on TikTok

The multi-talented content creator shared with us that she got started on the ever so popular app by going on “The Boys Of Summer 2019” tour. While on the tour to promote her book series, many of the fellow creators were on TikTok and sparked her interest to get on the app. 

She credits her mass amount of followers to finding her niche by making how-to videos, product videos and even occasional dance videos! Carries tells us that having such a large following on TikTok is so exciting to her, as she loves interacting with her fans!

New Projects for 2021

For 2021 Carrie has exciting things lined up underneath her self created style empowerment website and YouTube channel, “Carrie’s Chronicles.” 

She explains that she plans to do more exclusive interviews with industry trailblazers and feature some fun fashion articles this year on her website!

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