Chatting W/ Hulu’s “PEN15” star, Jonah Beres

Today on EntScoop Chats, reporter Brisa Colon sat down with Jonah Beres, one of the stars in the Hulu original, PEN15! He plays the bad boy, love interest of the boy crazy teens in the second season of the show. Jonah has been acting since he was six years old and see’s it as such a natural part in his life. 

“At this point it feels like part of my regular daily life. It’s what I do when I’m not doing other things” Beres said. He advises aspiring actors to stay motivated. Don’t lose hope and keep having fun with it. It is important to keep things light and to keep moving forward! 

About The Show

Jonah shared that fans could expect the character, Maya, played by co-creator Maya Erskine, to be chasing his character, Brandt. There will be a lot of funny moments and we can expect a lot of middle school shenanigans! 

He said working with Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle was such a blast. They have that middle school energy just like their characters. They were fun and silly and he said he loves how they never took anything too seriously. 

His Experiences In Theater & Film

Beres says he definitely prefers filming for the screen over performing on the stage. He did more theater when he was a kid and discovered he loved being behind the camera. He also likes the fact that he can watch his work afterward. PEN15 is hilarious and he loves to sit and watch! 

Before filming, he likes to read his script and really get into character. Channeling the character helps him do a better job and it really shows on screen! He says his dream is to one day work with Tod Solondz! One of his favorite films by him is Dark Horse! We can’t wait to see him in his upcoming works! 

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