Chatting W/ Radio City Music Hall Rockette, Sydney Mesher

The arts are incredibly important and today on EntScoop Chats we talked about them with dancer, Sydney Mesher! Mesher has conquered the dreams of most dancers and has landed herself a spot as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. Sydney is the first Rockette in 94 years to have a noticeable disability. Her parents found out that she would be born without a left hand during a routine ultrasound. Years later, with hard work, Sydney was able to tell them that she would be a Rockette! 

Mesher is so grateful for the opportunity but knows that she deserved it. She is just as capable as all the other dancers and works tirelessly to be the best she can be. That’s the way she has always been! “Within the industry, I would love the idea of presenting a new normal like with different body types, with disabilities, with different races, everything. I think it’s really important to showcase different backgrounds.” 

The only pressure Sydney has ever felt to do better is the one that she puts on herself. She has never thought that because she has a disability that she would have to outperform other competitors. Mesher has always pushed herself to be better because that is who she naturally is as a person. The only person she needs validation from is herself! 

When Did She Know?

She knows it’s a cliche, but she has been dancing since before she could walk! Her parents also knew that she would be a dancer. Sydney said that the clarifying moment, however, was when she transferred to a performing arts high school. 


Hard work, plain and simple. Mesher is originally from Portland, Oregon so she had to outsource to find the right connections and training. Finding what she loved came completely naturally to her but the rest can be attributed to work that she put in. “If you’re in the right headspace and you keep following that thing that just brings you joy then those opportunities will fall into place.” 

Fitness Routine!

Mesher does not consider dancing fitness. She works out a lot so that her body can be ready and at full capacity to be ready to dance. She cross trains a lot, does pilates, takes a cross fit style class, runs and weight trains and even does yoga to increase flexibility! You can find out more about Sydney’s workout routine here


Pre-show Ritual

To prepare for a performance Sydney shared that she has to sit and envision herself doing it. She reminds herself that “I’m going to do my job. I’ve trained for this, I have the technique. I have the discipline, I have everything in my tool box.” 


The arts is a big contributor to the economy not to mention it is what everyone enjoys at some point during their free time but yet it is still overlooked. People whose job has to do with the arts are often not taken seriously or their job is seen as a “side gig”. The #SaveTheArts is meant to “bring awareness and respect back to the people who work in this community cause we do really contribute a lot to not only the economy but just society as a whole.”

Lucky Fin Project

The Lucky Fin Project is a non profit that revolves around bringing awareness to limb deformities, especially hand deformities. “Having someone to relate to is really special. It just cultivates a community of people who understand really how and what it means to have a hand deformity” Mesher shared. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mesher. Her dream artist to perform with is Lady Gaga and with her tireless work ethic we know she’ll make that a reality! Check out our last EntScoop Chats where we talk with Serena DC!

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