Chloe Ting Summer Shred Challenge 2020: Week 1 & 2

Quarantine has taken a toll on many people when it comes to self care and fitness. Luckily, fitness YouTuber Chloe Ting has come up with several work out challenge plans on her website and YouTube channel.

Fitness is a really good way to keep yourself motivated and moving, regardless of whether gyms are open or not. You can do workouts in your own home, at your own pace. Chloe Ting provides an outlet on her website, including the 4 week Summer Shred Challenge

I decided that this was a journey I was going to take this quarantine to better improve my health and happiness. If you don’t know, working out actually releases endorphins, which can make you feel a little bit better.

My Journey

Health and fitness were never really my thing. I’ve always been a little overweight. But this past year, while I was still living on campus, I worked out with friends or on my own using the school’s gym. I did spin classes and yoga classes, too. The one thing I didn’t really do was try to stick to some weird diet because it never really worked for me or my body type, no matter what I tried. I just learned how to eat things in moderation and not overdo it. If you want to do diets, Chloe has several videos on what she eats in a day on her channel, which are super helpful. 

My waist measurements before I started the workout were around a 38. By the end of Week 2, I am now about a 36. I started this workout at a size 10/12, I am now almost down too an 8. It has been so much work, sweat and drive, but it’s worth it.  I have also dropped from 163.3 lbs to 157.5 lbs.

I will be going through Week 1 and 2 and showing you what went on and what to expect when you go through it. All of her workouts have alternative moves, just in case you’re unable to do the regular ones. I have a metal rod fused to my spine from scoliosis, so I had to follow alternatives to many of the exercises. 

All of her workouts have optional warm-ups and cool downs. I do the warm-ups (almost) always. They’re a good way to stretch your body before you start getting into it. 

I will post pictures of all of the days, but give highlights of the most important or difficult ones thus far. Next time, I will be sure to have rest day images.

The Workout

Day 1 – Full Body


Day 2 – Abs and Waist

  • My booty really hurt after this one.


Day 3 – Full Body & Arms



Day 5 – Full Body & Arms (+ Optional Back)

Day 6 – Abs 

  • Never have I sweat through my ponytail like I did with this one. I felt way stronger afterwards though and Chloe’s encouraging words helped a lot!


Day 8 – Full Body & Arms

  • This 45-minute workout was literally one of the hardest things I have ever done. My body fully felt like liquid after that and I couldn’t move for like 2o minutes.


Day 9 – Abs & Booty

Day 10 – Full Body, Lower Abs, and Back

  • Don’t do this after a full evening of dinner.


Day 12 – Full Body, Abs, and Arms

Day 13 – Abs & Booty

  • I forgot to take a picture because I was so tired. That’s how this one went!


Chloe absolutely shreds you in these 30-45 minute workouts, but the feeling afterwards is phenomenal. I’ll give you a week three review as soon as I finish it up! 

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