Choosing Resolutions Authentic to You | Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera. In this episode our host, Liv, discusses the power of committing to a goal and choosing a resolution that is authentic to you!

Where to Begin

Liv begins this conversation by posing the question “How has the last seven days of this new year gone?” Identify how this start to the new year has gone thus far, how the day to day has been and what goals you would like to accomplish moving forward.

Authentic Resolutions

Our host explains that New Year’s resolutions are not unrealistic and surface level fluff goals but goals that come from examining our current life and identifying what we love, like and don’t like. When it comes to the things we love, Liv encourages us to practice more of. For things that we like, she challenges us to seek how we can make those things better and for the things we don’t like, identifying how to make a change.

By taking the time to reflect on this past year and realizing what you enjoyed versus what you did not, you can identify goals to set that come from your most authentic self as the person you are becoming.

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