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As the seasons change, so do we. With the new year approaching, take some time to sit back and cleanse your mind, body and soul so you can start 2021 on the right foot. 

Just like the wind, we are constantly shifting and changing, which means we need to take a moment to reflect. During this season of warmth and slowness, use your time to reflect and cleanse yourself for new beginnings in 2021. 


Cleansing your body starts with food. Food is your fuel and you want to make sure it’s the good fuel. Start by researching seasonal vegetables and fruits and try to incorporate them into your daily snacks, or even try a new plant-based meal!

Your surroundings and physical exercise also helps to cleanse the body. Try to experiment with some seasonal activities in your area and explore the nature around you. Practicing good sleep schedules will also help your body to feel its best and strengthen. A long walk followed by a warm home-cooked meal will help you get to bed on time!


Turning off your thoughts can be hard at times, but try some mindfulness exercises to cleanse your mind. Try a form of meditation and reflect on your year as a whole. Reflect on the happy moments and the hard times, you will be stronger in the end and cherish the good ones even more. 

Using a journal to write down some seasonal affirmations and a seasonal bucket-list can help keeps things interesting and positive! A social-media cleanse will also help you to start the new year feeling refreshed.  Ask yourself, what am I manifesting for this season? What do I want to make more time for?


When cleansing your soul, it’s important to check in with yourself. Seasonal shifts can take a toll on your mental, emotional and physical health. Celebrate daily wins. While they may be small, they’re still worth celebrating and will help you feel more positive overall.

Don’t forget to honor your needs. Set aside time for resting, affirmations,  reflections and intimacy. Take some time to disconnect from your phone and enjoy the world around you. 

When cleansing your mind, body and soul, keep asking yourself questions. How can you be more honest with yourself? What would you like to achieve and grow from this season? There’s no right way to cleanse, just focus on your needs and what helps you feel your best!

How will you be cleansing your mind, body and soul this season? Drop a comment down below and let us know!


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