Cody Simpson Qualifies for the Olympic Swimming Trials

Cody Simpson, the Australian singer has announced that he qualified for the first Olympics trials for Australia!

Sharing the News

He shared this announcement on his Instagram along with a pic of the 23 year old in tight swim trunks with the caption “I’d love to share this personal milestone and let you in on my current journey as an athlete that I’ve kept relatively low key until now.” Simpson continued, “Growing up competing, and then inevitably having to cut my career short as a 13 year old Australian champion when I was given an opportunity in music that I couldn’t refuse.”

Simpson decided to put swimming on hold to come to the US in order to make a record and has been working ever since. 

Cody Simpson continues on in his caption to humbly brag about all of the things that he has accomplished in the post. He is a talented person in multiple facets. Simpson is a singer, actor, and even recently published a book of poetry. 

His Passion for the Sport

This news might seemingly be coming from nowhere, but the singer did not just wake up and decide to be an olympic swimmer. He has stated that it was his first love. He was an award winning swimmer until the age of 13. Cody’s parents were also award winning swimmers.

“I was starting to get really serious with my swimming. I was the best in the country for my age in like every stroke,” he said in 2013. “My coach was pretty disappointed when I told him I was coming over to take a shot at the music business.”

Cody  received support from Michael Phelps. “Lfg!!” the  athlete commented. “Congrats mate!!”

Apparently Simpson had only been back in the water training with his coach for five months before he qualified for the trials. I guess that is what happens after ending a year long romance with Miley Cyrus. Cody, we are rooting for you! To get to the Olympics. Then even if you do, I’m rooting for America. 


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