Combatting the Fear of Future Goals | Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera. In this episode our host, Liv,  is discussing the concept of the grass seeming “greener” on the other side.

Liv explains that she will be taking a unique approach to presenting this concept. Rather than pegging yourself against another person or another life, Liv shares how this idea plays such a strong role in the life you live currently.

Looking to the Future

She explains that when we establish big dreams and ideas for ourselves we often look first at the end goal and compare it to where we are now. 

Oftentimes the difference between where we are now and where we hope to be at our end goal can seem intimidating, placing us in a state of lag or fear.

Combatting This Fear

Liv says that we can combat this by becoming aligned with our goals. She suggests taking part in visualization and manifestation such as a vision board. 

When creating our vision board, Liv says to include things we already have with things we want to align the goal. 

Secondly, Liv encourages us to have a plan with set deadlines to make steady progress at our goals.

 Lastly, Liv challenged us to get rid of the root issue of comparing ourselves. Whether it be comparing ourselves to others or our future self, this practice only holds us back. Liv encourages us to find self acceptance for where we are on our journey to our end goals.

Our host concludes this segment with the reminder that the very best thing we can do in any of our goals is to take the next step forward.

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