Cute Hair Trends for the Summer

Do you ever get bored of your hair sometimes? Doing the same hairstyle over and over again or doing nothing to it at all can really dull up your look. Then, out of boredom you’ll get the urge to chop off all your hair, get some bangs, or box dye it—which you’ll probably regret doing later. Instead, try these new trendy hairstyles that are super cute, easy to do, and perfect for the summer!

1.     Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

With this versatile hairstyle, you can add braids, a few waves, or pull out front hair strands to frame your face. This go-to look does not require tons of practice to master, since it is super simple. There are also tons of ways to spice up this effortless look.

2.     Half up, Half Down Space Buns

Like the half up, half down ponytail, this look is also easy to achieve. Part your hair in a way where there is more hair on the top half of your head, split the top part of your hair through the middle, and make little buns on both sides. Or, you can just make one bun at the top of your head. Again, you can add braids, curl/straighten your hair, add some chopsticks in your buns (get creative with it.)

3.     Space Buns

This hairstyle is perfect if you want your hair out of your face during hot summer weather. It’s also very trendy for music festivals or raves. First, split your hair the way you like, next make two buns on each side of your head—the buns can be either at the top of your head, or behind your ear, whatever you prefer—and then tie them up with adorable scrunchies or with regular hair ties. For this hairstyle, you can also pull hair strands out from the front of your face and curl those pieces. So cute! 

4.     Slick Bun

For those of you who prefer a sleek, professional, put-together look, this style is great for you! You can slick your hair back into a high bun, or ponytail, add a small amount of gel, and comb the hair back. Another option is a low slick bun; for this, you part your hair however you prefer, tightly pull your hair back, and make a bun behind your ears. Also, apply a small amount of gel or hairspray to make it look nice and slicked back.

5.     Flipped out Hair with Headband/Hair clips

For this adorable, throwback hairstyle you’ll need a straightener to flip out the tips of your hair. Basically, straighten and part your hair like you normally would, but once you get to the bottom, flip the straightener out. Once you’ve finished doing your entire hair, add a headband or cute hair clips to finish off the look.

6.     Pearl Clips with Wavy Hair

Grab a wand, curler, or even a straightener to curl your hair the way you usually do. After you’ve curled your entire hair, simply add pearl hair clips as an accent on whichever side of your head.    

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