Dancing With The Stars 80’s Night

Dancing With The Stars goes back in time for 80’s week! Filled with major throwbacks and a whole lot of neon, the show was so much fun!

The musical selections for the night had everyone remembering the fantastic time that was the 80’s. Songs from some of the biggest music names such as; Madonna, Bon Jovi, and New Kids on the Block brought back all of the 80’s vibes. The dances encompassed the feeling of the ’80s. This week was great because the dances all went together into one groovy and nostalgic theme.

The Performances

One of the biggest shockers of the week was from Val Chmerkovskiy and partner Monica Aldama. They were on the bottom two last week, and this week they earned their first 9’s from the judges.

Johnny Weir and his partner Britt Stewart performed a contemporary dance and earned the night’s highest score. It was not a surprise as Weir and his professional partner have been at the top in almost all weeks prior.

Jesse Metcalfe and partner Sharna Burgess didn’t get the highest score of the night, and that wasn’t just because of Jesse’s lousy timing. The actor had bad facial expressions throughout the entire routine that landed him at a score of 19 out of 30.

Moving onto Jeannie Mai and her partner Brandon Armstrong, they had a tremendous, simple, and clean routine. The judges enjoyed Jeannie’s energy and just her presence on the dance floor. They said that her confidence radiated and made her dancing that much better. Fans are foreseeing her and her partner being in the top three of the season.

“That was your best dance!” said Hough to Grammy winner Nelly. He performed a samba wearing gold chains and a sleeveless denim jacket. Not just anyone can pull that off. He ended up earning himself a 24 out of 30.

Skai Jackson was born in 2002, so many were curious to see how she and her partner would portray a period she never lived in. Her mom said, “Don’t disappoint the 80’s!” and she didn’t! They ended up getting a 24 out of 30 as their final score.

In this episode, we discovered something exciting. Monica Aldama didn’t initially plan to be a cheerleading coach; she wanted to be on Wall Street. As life went on, she found her passion for cheerleading, and the rest is history. She ended up doing a fantastic tango, earning herself a firm 26 out of 30.

At the end of the night, it was time to send home one celebrity from the show. Vernon and Peta and Jesse and Sharna were in the final two. Two of the judges decided to save Vernon and Peta, so, unfortunately, it was the Desperate Housewives actor’s turn to go home. Let us know if you think this was the right call down below!

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