Tips to Avoid a Catfish on Dating Apps

There is no shame in the dating app game! Dating apps have become the norm amongst millennials and Gen Z, and while most of have dabbled in the dating app world, so many of us don’t even know what to look for when avoiding a fake profile.

Here are some dating app red flags to keep an eye out for, when swiping for your potential partner.

A Model?

Ahh catfishing. The long-standing internet trend that is very much real! When it comes to dating apps, know that catfish are out there and if you think you won’t be fooled think again!

The idea that it won’t happen to you is what gets people into a catfish situation. When you’re scrolling through an app like Bumble, and you see someone who’s photos are clearly from a shoot, or they simply look too hot too be true, you may be right.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so there is a quick solution to figuring out if the person’s pictures are legit.

 A quick reverse Google image search can solve the problem! Do this to ensure you won’t be interacting with a fake persona and dodge the catfish bullet!

Group Photos

The pictures you pick on your dating profile are crucial, which is why it is very telling when a user has nothing but group pictures.

The issue in this is how are we supposed to know who we’re going to be talking to?

It’s nice to see that the person you’re interested in has a social life, but you also want to actually know what they look like and who it is your getting a first virtual impression of!

No Bio Profiles

Have you ever seen a dating profile that was completely blank? No age, no location, no emoji just nothing. This is huge red flag.

It’s safe to note this as a red flag across the board, as it not only looks suspicious, but can translate to being a low effort partner if the account is real!  Like everyone says, communication is key, and saying nothing says all you need to know!

Not Enough Pictures

Just like we said a lack of bio is a red flag, this also goes for a lack of pictures.

The first problem here is one or two photos does not let us really get a look at who the person is. We scroll through pictures to get a glimpse at their life and one selfie really shows us nothing.

This is something many catfish do. This is another circumstance where reverse Google image search can come in handy.

What Do I Look for?

With all these red flags it’s hard to know what to look for. The sad truth is there is no universal answer. The most important tip is to stay true to yourself and trust your instincts!

Go at your own pace and only talk to those who make you comfortable. Before meeting in person always have a Facetime call before hand or confirm with a mutual friend their identity is legit!

What is your go to dating app? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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