Doja Cat “Like That” Music Video Released

Doja Cat’s “Like That” featuring Gucci Mane was originally included on the singer/rapper’s Hot Pink (2019) album. The song itself, however, wasn’t released until May 12th of this year. And on June 25th, an official music video for the song was released.

The video starts with the title card panning down to Doja Cat. She stands among her backup dancers on a futuristic blue-tinted set. The backdrop includes images of planets and stars, adding to the magical space-age feel of the video. Both Doja and the dancers immediately begin dancing to the song. The video intercuts between the dancers and an animated version of Doja that pays homage to Sailor Moon and the magical girl trope. The animated Doja transforms and receives a fiery power up. There are also little animated graphics interspersed throughout the video.

Eventually, Doja Cat meets with Gucci Mane, who poses in front of a convertible during his verse. Doja is either dancing next to Mane or in the convertible until his verse is over. Then, Doja takes over the song again and ends the video by doing a split on beat. A truly incredible feat.

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