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Doja Cat Reveals ‘Planet Her’ Album Cover and Tracklist

Say goodbye to the “Say So” era because Doja Cat is back with new music this year!

On Wednesday, the rapper-songstress officially announced the release of her upcoming album “Planet Her.” The announcement came with the album’s cover art and tracklist respectively. The album cover art and the tracklist for her upcoming album “Planet Her” were shared in an Instagram post

The anticipated album will also feature star-studded collaborations with Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and more.

doja cat planet her

‘Planet Her’ Cover Art

On Instagram, the “Say So” rapper showcased the album’s artwork, shot by David LaChappelle. The artwork features Doja Cat in a galactic setting, with a futuristic font and aesthetic.

The tracklist artwork also features the rapper floating seductively in a NASA flight suit. Compared to the singer’s “Hot Pink” artwork, she’s preparing her fans for a new era.

doja cat

The Tracklist

Here is the following tracklist for Doja Cat’s “Planet Her” release.

  1. Woman

  2. Naked

  3. Payday (feat. Young Thug)

  4. Get Into It (Yuh)

  5. Need to Know

  6. I Don’t Do Drugs (feat. Ariana Grande)

  7. Love to Dream

  8. You Right (with The Weeknd)

  9. Been Like This

  10. Options (feat. J.I.D.)

  11. Ain’t Sh*t

  12. Imagine

  13. Alone

  14. Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)


Doja Cat frequently collaborated with singer Ariana Grande, who she worked with on songs such as “Motive” and the remix to “34+35” with Megan Thee Stallion. In 2020, the 25-year-old also collaborated with singer The Weeknd on his remix to “In Your Eyes.”

The album also features an anticipated song “Ain’t Sh*t,” which the rapper previewed on Instagram in 2020, and gained viral attention on TikTok.

doja cat need to know

Album Expectations

In a December interview with iHeartRadio, Doja Cat shared details about “Planet Her” and described the atmosphere of the album, comparing it to her successful sophomore album “Hot Pink.”

“There are some funk vibes on there,” she added. “Some house-y, experimental [sounds] on there and what not. It’s going to be cute and really fun and I think the features are going to excite people a lot.”

The artist claimed that the album is slightly similar to her previous album, because “all the songs have a different vibe to them.”

“It’s a little more consistent, which is nice. It’s just another really exciting project.”

“Planet Her” will be released on Friday, Jun. 25 under Kemosabe and RCA Records.

On Friday, Jun. 11, the artist will release “Need to Know” as a promotional single for the album.

What songs and features are you excited for on “Planet Her?” Comment below and share your thoughts!

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