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Congratulations, it’s almost your 21st birthday. Turning 21 is the most exciting moment of your life, especially if you’re a college student desperate to buy your first drink with your state ID. 

Whether you’re the life of the party and ready for the bars, or just an introvert willing to celebrate alone, there’s so many ways to celebrate your 21st birthday. 

Here are some important do’s and don’ts for you to live by:


Do: Drink Responsibly

Seriously, please drink responsibly. Just because you’re 21 years old now, it doesn’t mean you won’t suffer from any consequences, from the excruciating hangovers the next morning to a ride in a police officer’s vehicle.  

Of course, the ideal person wouldn’t monitor what they drink on their 21st birthday, but it’s smart to know when enough is enough. Know your limits and remember you’re an adult now.


Don’t: Take Drinks From Strangers

The bright side about your 21st birthday in this moment is that social distancing is key. However, if you’ve watched those unoriginal film scenes where the weird, charismatic guy or girl offers you a drink, you should know that it doesn’t always end well.

There are so many reasons why taking drinks from others is dangerous. The strangers you meet at a bar, even a party, may have malicious intentions. The possibility of getting yourself hurt or taken advantage of is very high. 

Do: Celebrate With A Sober Friend

For your safety, it’s important to go with a friend or a group of people that you trust. Because you’re in the legal leagues, you might get carried away and can’t handle getting home and taking care of yourself on your own. 

Make sure that you’re in good hands with a sober friend or two; they can watch your behavior and protect you if need be. There’s nothing like real friends taking care of you when you’re under the influence.

Don’t: Go to A Bar That’s Not Your Niche

While there are many bars to go to on your birthday, not all bars are for everyone. You’ll possibly stop by a bar that only plays Luke Bryan, even though you prefer a bar that plays Megan Thee Stallion.

If you’re going to a bar with trustworthy friends, communicate what your interests are before trekking to the closest bar where you won’t fit in. 

You’ll absolutely feel like an oddball and that’s not the best feeling to have on your birthday.

Do: Eat Before and After

Eating carbohydrates and many heavy foods before and after the bars can keep you from getting extremely plastered. This is important, especially if you’re new to drinking.

Going to a bar on an empty stomach can probably make you blow chunks or worse. At least a trip to McDonald’s after the big day can keep you from getting too drunk and hungover. There are also some healthy ways to combat hangovers like drinking a smoothie the day after. 

Don’t: Embarrass Yourself

Yes, turning 21 is a big deal for everyone, and it’s better than your basement parties at a fraternity or pre-gaming with malt liquor in your bedroom. Now that you’re basically an adult, you can take advantage of your freedom.

Don’t embarrass yourself, especially in public, and don’t let anyone egg your behaviors on. Think about your future and what your goals are. Are you willing to pass out or do extremely uncomfortable things in public? Are you willing to risk your education or future with a criminal record or a fine? 

A birthday isn’t worth the consequences.

Do: Hydrate

Hydration is so key to preventing a hangover. Many newly 21-year-olds are so excited to celebrate that they forget to drink water. Always drink water after each drink. You can even amp up your hydration game by having a Liquid IV before you start drinking.  It also helps to end the night with a glass of water. 

Ultimately, the most important thing to do is to have fun. Aside from all of the do’s and don’ts, turning 21 is a moment that you can’t rewind. The best thing to do is to be wise and make the most of your birthday!

Do you have any tips to celebrate your 21st birthday? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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