DreLau House Brings Together Celebrities and Influencers at Drelauworld!

Andre Sebastian and Lauren Higgs are back working to create a network of influencers, for influencers.

We were lucky enough to attend the 3rd annual joint birthday party for Andre Sebastian and Lauren Higgs, DRELAUWORLD. Andre and Lauren are best friends and co-founders of DreLau House.

We sat down to talk with the duo about how they came up with the idea for DreLau House and what they hope to accomplish in this new endeavor.

DreLau Founders

Andre Sebastian, also known as AndreOnBrand, is a photographer and digital creator. He was born in Guam and grew up in Las Vegas. His dream was to work at Google, which he accomplished, but he eventually moved to LA. Now, he wears many hats, including freelance designer, photographer, and content creator.

Lauren Higgs is also an influencer and content creator. After working in the entertainment industry for a few years, she started taking photos for her Instagram. She grew a following and began tagging different brands until she got brand deals.

DreLau was named after its founders, Andre and Lauren. We are loving the fun combination of their names. They wanted to combine their resources to create an even bigger network. Andre has said that he has always tried to get to know diverse groups of people.

DreLau is like the next Soho House, but for influencers. It is an exclusive membership. In order to join, you must be invited and approved.

Someone can become a part of DreLau House by knowing someone and being referred. You can find the membership on the DreLau House website.

Lauren and Andre hope to link influencers, brands, and celebrities. Lauren says that it is about “finding the best of the best in our network.”



Since best friends Andre and Lauren have the same birthday, naturally, they decided to create a birthday event. This is the third annual birthday party that the two have thrown. As huge fans of Travis Scott, Stormi, and carnivals, the duo chose the theme of DRELAUWORLD, a play on Astroworld.

The decor was on point. From colorful balloons that greeted you up the stairs to the main entrance to multiple photo opps. There were even jumping houses and a mechanical bull! 

This event allowed people from all backgrounds to come together to meet and share ideas with one another.

In keeping with their promise, the event brought together influencers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and brands. DRELAUWORLD was sponsored by Forever 21, Hustler Collection, Takko, Bangin Buns Hot Chicken, Sour Strips, Balloon Malloon, Drews, Love Jar Sweets, Bisou, and Candy Lashes.


Guests arrived in their favorite monochromatic looks making for an amazingly colorful event. Some of the attendees included Bryce Hirschberg from “Too Hot to Handle” and Brenna Damico from Disney Channel’s “Descendants.”  Labib Yasir, Heiddy G, Alivia Levie,  and Sophia Camille Collier among so many others. 

Also in attendance were TikTokers Jeane Marie, Brandon Sohoo, Shuang Hu, Coby Persin, Johnny Valentine, Ahlyssa Marie, Debbie Sath, Malcolm MinikonAnna Woods and Tay Rae (@raebaans). 

Later in the night, there was even a musical performance by Lexy Panterra. She is a female artist, video creator, and entrepreneur. 

Happy birthday Lauren and Andre! Thank you for having us at Drelauworld. We can’t wait until next year!

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