Dressing Sexy with a Slim and Straight Figure

When it comes to dressing sexy, it is seen as synonymous to having curves. The hour glass figure, or “IG Baddie” body has become the standard when it comes to being sexy.

Often times, us women with straight or slim figures are left out of the sexy conversation but that is over. Know that you can look sexy regardless of your figure!

No curves? No problem. Here are some tips to up your style sex appeal if you have a slim straight figure.

Small Tops and  Baggy Pants

Dressing sexy isn’t just for the night time. For a sexy upgrade in your every day look the popular small top with a lose or baggy jean is great for tricking the eye.

A tight top contrasting with baggy jeans give a subtle illusion of a more hour glass figure.

The best part of this tip is the massive room there is to make this look your own. There are quite literally thousands of combinations to make this trend unique for yourself. Not only that, but the baggy jean trend is huge in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s trend that we can’t get enough up.

This top and pant combo kills two birds with one stone. Stay current with the fashion trends and look sexy while doing it.

Rock Some Ruching

A little ruching can go along way! There is nothing wrong with using illusions to accentuate your body and ruching is one of the best fashion tricks.

Ruching is when material bunches up in a certain area that creates a ripple like affect. Depending on where the ruching is, this can help you look curvier than you really are.

As someone with a slender figure, ruched dresses are a savior. With the material bunching up in the middle, these dresses make it look like your curves are more dramatic.

Not only is this great for that faux hour glass shape, the bunched up material is also perfect at hiding any desired areas! 

Show Off Your Neck and Shoulders

Being flat chested is an insecurity so many of deal with, but it’s time to embrace it. Don’t worry about having a smaller chest, because the neck and shoulders are now your secret weapon!

For years, a woman’s décolletage has been seen as one of the sexiest body parts, but it does not get the respect it deserves.

Off the shoulder tops and my personal favorite–the cowl neck– all help you look like you have more going on in the chest department than you actually do. Low V-cuts tops and dresses are also an option if you want to look even sexier. 

Don’t Forget the Back

When wanting to dress sexy, most of us only think about accentuating the typical “sexy” body parts. This is a reminder to showing off your back can give major sex appeal.

Influencers like Emma Chamberlain have made this tip more popular amongst their fan base and followers.

Going backless is the perfect way to be sexy if you don’t have curves.  Not to mention, this is the perfect chance to use your small chest to your advantage.

Backless clothing requires wearing no bra. Since the bra support isn’t needed, a small chest is the key to rocking the open back look without any struggle.

Dare to Go Sheer

Going sheer takes a lot of guts, but join the ranks of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner and take the ultimate sexy plunge.

Sheer clothing does not mean you have to show everything. There are some completely sheer choices, and other many sheer options that come with fabric gathered specifically to not give too much away. The choice is yours to style!

When it comes to sheer tops, showing off your nipples has become the accessory of choice for many including like the supermodels mentioned above. What was once seen as “tacky” is now a chic fashion statement.

If you’re not ready for that level, a great place to start is sheer dresses. Wearing them with a high wasted bottom and pasties is a subtler take on this sexy fashion choice.

Androgynous Fashion

Toeing the line between femininity and masculinity is a major component in fashion.

Dressing androgynous is a sexy tip that you might not have thought of. The confidence to rock something that is not “for you” makes fashion all the more exciting. With androgynous fashion comes a lot of rule breaking.  A woman in clothing that is not “for” takes the sexiness up a notch.

Dressing up comes with the stress about our body types and this is a way to not have to worry about the shape of your figure.

Take the bad ass Billie Eilish route with her already iconic oversized fits, or the Zendaya route with a tailored suit look.

Breaking out of the box is sexy. Taking fashion risks is sexy. Confidence is sexy. Don’t feel restricted because of your body type. Sex appeal in fashion knows no shape, and with these tips you just might take things to the next level!

What tip are going to try in your wardrobe? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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