Eight S’mores Recipes You Never Thought To Try

It is summertime and a bonfire is probably calling your name! And what’s a bonfire without eating a s’more or two… or three or four?

Blame it on my sweet tooth, but I simply cannot be around a fire without wanting s’mores. If you’re like me,  then you are in the right place! Below are 8 ways that you can switch up your s’mores this summer!

S’more’s Dip

Less hassle, less mess!

All you need to do for this s’mores dip is layer a cast iron skillet with marshmallows, chocolate, and any other goodies you like. Cook it over the fire (or in the oven) until you see that the marshmallows are turning a golden brown. After that, all you need to do is dip your graham crackers in and enjoy!

S’mores Cinnamon Twists

Dessert for breakast? Say no more!

Take my word for it, these s’mores cinnamon twists are sure to bring the heat, even without the campfire! If you love both cinnamon rolls and s’mores, you absolutely need to try this recipe! These twists are baked in the oven which make them a perfect treat for those who want s’mores year-round, but don’t have access to a fire.

Bacon S’mores

Bacon lovers this one is for you!

This combination of bacon on your s’more is perfect for those who like a little bit of salt with their sweets. Besides the great taste, the added meat gives the treat an extra flavorful crunch! You can either put a piece of bacon in your traditional s’more, or you can take it up a notch by replacing the graham crackers with the bacon!

Fruit S’mores

There’s fruit on it, so it must be healthy, right?

For this, there’s way too many ways to get creative! Try adding some mixed berries to your s’more or bananas. Really, anything goes as long as you like it, and from my experience there’s not many fruit out there that don’t pair well with chocolate!

Campfire Cone

If you haven’t heard of the campfire cone before, let me fill you in!

A campfire cone is when you take an ice cream cone (sugar cone) and fill it up with marshmallows, chocolate bits, fruit, and any other combination of your liking. Wrap it in tin foil and place it over your fire for about 3-5 minutes. Then voila! You have yourself s’mores in a cone! Campfire cones have been quickly becoming a fan favorite because they prevent you from dealing with a sticky mess!

Girl Scout Cookie S’mores

Somoas, thin mints, tagalongs, in the s’mores world it’s all been covered!

For a somoas s’more add some caramel to each side of the graham cracker and then cover it with toasted coconut. Or, instead of sandwiching the s’more in graham crackers, opt for the entire cookie itself.

The same concept goes for the other girl scout cookie flavors. So really, the hardest part is trying to make sure that all the cookies don’t get finished up before Summer time!

Potato Chip S’mores

Yeah, let’s not mention this one to my health professor.

Have you ever tried a chocolate covered potato chip before? It might sound odd at first, but the truth is, it tastes great! Now factor in marshmallows and graham crackers too, I can assure you it only gets better.

Similar to the cookies, you can either have the chips on the inside of the s’more or in exchange for the graham crackers.

S’mores Mountain Pie

This is the best of both worlds when it comes to bonfires.

All you need to do is grab your handy mountain pie iron and your ingredients and the rest is a breeze. Butter or spray the inside of the preheated iron, then place one off your bread slices (butter side down) into the iron. Add your desired toppings then place the other piece of bread (butter side up) on top, making a sandwich! Close the iron and then heat in the fire for about 5-6 minutes.You can find the recipe here!

What is your favorite way to make a s’more? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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