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Braylen Brooks of RLM Travel Lux tells us about a recent trip that he took to the amazing destination of Elivi Skiathos Hotel on the Skiathos Island in Greece! 

The Elivi Resort in Skiathos Island, Greece is the epitome of modern luxury! 

Tucked away on the edge of the far west side of the Skiathos Island sits the Elivi Resort. Here you get an exclusive experience and the authentic experience that Skiathos, Greece has to offer! The Elivi Resort is the epitome of modern luxury! The architect really took his time to evolve and get creative with how he made minimalism screen luxury! 

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elivi resort

The Elivi Resort

Skiathos is a Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea. It’s best known for its beaches and buzzing, youthful nightlife scene. 

Here you can find the exclusive Elivi Resort. If you stay here, Braylen says, “I recommend booking the private pool double rooms which have amazing views of the trees and sea!” The rooms have incredible views. 

The fact that Elivi has a few private beaches makes the experience feel very exclusive. Sometimes beaches can be very crowded in high season, but staying at a resort with a FEW private beaches I’m sure you can manage the advantage here at Elivi .

According to Braylen, staying here gives you a feeling comparable to being on your own separate, exclusive island. It’s very quiet and serene. There are many amenities included that are available to you throughout your stay.

The views that the Elivi Resort offers is unmatched! In every corner there’s a wide open view to appreciate! 

What the Resort Offers

The staff were nice and made sure that everything was taken care of. Housekeeping is prompt and very quick with tidying up the room. Everyone for the most part speaks English making communication very easy.

The Grace restaurant on site has a beautiful elaborate menu with so many authentic different pizzas, pastas, and meats for your pallet. 

The restaurant staff do a great job at describing the tastes of certain dishes if you are not familiar with an ingredient or the dish itself.

After visiting the resort Brooks said, “I definitely will be making a visit back to Elivi in Skiathos!”

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