Entertainment Scoop’s Must Have Christmas Decorations

By: Julissa Padilla

What better way to embrace the Christmas spirit in your home than with Christmas decorations? Every year we go back to our basements or attics and pull out those decorations that are yearning to be displayed. Yet, every year we know we’re going to end up buying more. Here are our must haves!

National Tree 24 Inch Crestwood Spruce Wreath

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Every house needs a wreath! Wreaths are a warm gesture for  whoever opens your door will be welcomed with holiday love. There have been variations to what a wreath can have on it, like special characters or ornaments; however, you can never go wrong with a simple green pine look. 

Mr. Christmas Super Climbing Santa Holiday Decor

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Nothing says Christmas more than the man in the big red suit. Santa Claus is as synonymous to Christmas as snow and gift giving. So why not spice up your Christmas decor with this cute Santa decoration of him walking up and down a flight of stairs? This interesting decoration is going to grab anyone’s attention, and steal the spotlight at your holiday party.  

Kangaroo Merry Christmas Santa Sack

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How about Santa’s big bag of presents? What better way to decorate under your Christmas tree than with Santa’s bag to fill all your presents with? This is especially cute for kids, who believe in Santa. They will think he left his bag of goodies under the tree just for them! This Santa bag is a must have for Christmas! 

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

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One of the most iconic Christmas items has to be Elf on the Shelf. This tradition involves hiding the elf around your house, only to move it once the doll’s location is discovered. It’s especially fun for kids and drunk partygoers, alike!

Personalized Christmas Stocking

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Hopefully, you don’t get a lump of coal in one of these! Christmas stockings are the perfect decorations! Not only are they synonymous with Christmas as well but are the perfect decoration to put over any chimney! What better way to put Christmas candy in than a cute knitted stocking? 

Prextex Christmas Train Set

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Another piece of decoration to add to your tree is this holiday train set!  What differentiates this train set from others is its real steam. Nothing more screams “Christmas classic” than a train set riding around your tree!

Just talking about Christmas decorations is putting me in the holiday spirit. Make sure to keep these essentials in mind when you’re decoration shopping.

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