EntScoop Chats with Jennafer Lynsey

We recently had the pleasure to sit and chat with up and coming pop country singer Jennafer Lynsey. Lynsey, a New York native, fell in love with country music by accident she claimed. She told us that she was ready to move to Los Angeles and pursue her dreams when she received a different opportunity. Someone who had been closely watching her journey introduced her to a retired Sony executive who ran an artist development company. She sent them videos of her singing live and they saw something special in her. She was signed at the age of 17. 

Juggling between finishing school and beginning a music career must have had its own set of challenges but Lynsey says that her school was very understanding. Having to work in Nashville, however, she did have to notify them in advance when she would be gone for a week to pursue her dreams. 


As a young person in the industry, Lynsey tells us that she was not very intimidated. What did make her a little nervous though was working with some talented/famous songwriters. She retained a “Yes. Let’s do it” kind of attitude and was able to overcome those nerves. 

Lynsey’s goal is ultimately to help people with her music. She stated that she wants to take them out of the real world when they need a little break but also help them through the real world.” Music heals and that is what she wants her music to do for others. 

Some advice that she wanted to give some other aspiring artists is to “Get out there! Go to events! Make connections!”

“The way you make it, is through teamwork…Build your team!” This is the advice that most people give and receive and it is for good reason. It is some of the best advice anyone can give you when building your career. 

Lynsey has also put out a single recently which she and her label are focused on promoting. She confessed that it is the story about her and her boyfriend meeting. The song is called “Click” and it is a really nice song! Check it out! You can find it on all music platforms

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