Let’s Get Physical W/ Kaley Hatfield

Our very own, Taylor Reardigan, sat with fitness expert Kaley Hatfield and was able to ask her a few questions about her career and current plans. 

Although Hatfield advocates for great physical fitness she never stops stressing the importance of an equally matched mental wellness. She lives by “focus on the inside and the out will follow.” 

She is currently the personal fitness coach to Nicole Faulkner, also known as LipstickNick. The two have been friends for some time and when LipstickNick wanted to focus on herself and her fitness goals, Hatfield was eager and excited to help her on her journey. 

Hatfield has always recognized that different people have different fitness goals and for that reason she has helped create personalized plans on her website. There you can find a 30 day style plan, you can get a monthly subscription that focuses on upper and lower body days, in-person training or online FaceTime training once a week. 

Of course everyone knows that different trainer’s have different approaches as to how they help their clients reach their fitness goals but Hatfield likes to make it fun. She wants the experience to be one that you keep coming back to because you love the way you feel during and after you do it. As a dancer she loves to incorporate dance into her training as well. The playful way she described it was as a “loving ass kick”! She also likes to incorporate a good nutrition and she recommends the 80/20 diet.

Hatfield’s career has also extended fitness as she has been able to work on sets for shows such as Lip Sync Battle and American Horror Story and films like Pitch Perfect. She has also had the honor to collaborate with fitness brands such as Adidas, Gymshark and Fabletics. She says one of the most important things about fitness is an awesome fit, something that makes us feel comfortable and good about ourselves. 

She has also been able to work with some celebrities such as Hailee Steinfeld, Meghan Trainor and Sevyn Streeter. One of her most memorable career experiences was at the Victoria Secret Fashion show and being able to work with Selena Gomez. 

So what’s next for her? Well, she and LipstickNick are actually putting together a 30 day workout challenge which is set to be released on her app! For now, and possibly the duration of our social distancing, you can find her on Instagram Live on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 2p.m. Pacific Standard time! 


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