Rising Star, Rene Moran, & His New Role In “Tax Collector”

We at EntScoop Chats had the absolute pleasure to be able and sit and talk to rising actor Rene Moran. He will be featured in the upcoming film Tax Collector also starring Shia LaBeouf. Moran has been a long time fan of LaBeouf and said it was a dream come true being able to work with him. Moran will be playing a character named Victor and although he couldn’t share much about the film he said it is filled with action and something that we should all check out on August 7th! 

Preparing For A Role

When preparing for a role Moran stated that he likes to find the truth within the character. If they are bad he wants to know what made them bad. It is very easy to play a role stereotypically, especially a “villain” type, by being loud and waving around a gun but he enjoys the challenge of finding the depth that all characters are meant to possess.

Dreaming Bigger Dreams

You’d be surprised as much as I was that at one point his biggest aspiration in life was to become a fast food restaurant manager. He explained the reason why was because he used to think he wasn’t worthy of something so amazing. He immigrated to the U.S from El Salvador and he never expected this for himself. We place blocks in front or ourselves, he said, and once we get out of our own way we can do anything. 

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.” These are the words Moran lives by spoken by Tupac. 

Some Past Work

Some of is past work includes working on shows like Switched At Birth and How To Get Away With Murder alongside the great Viola Davis. He was also in the recent 2019 film StuberWe are so excited to see where else Moran will go. We know wherever it is, it will be good. Fingers crossed he gets that rom com he’s been dreaming about! 

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